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from February 2007
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Illinois State Bar Association
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Vol. 98 Nbr. 12, December 2010

Foreclosure and divorce: errors and omissions.


In re marriage of Zells and not-yet-paid contingency fees: errors and omissions.


Juvenile justice: the power of prevention: Illinois spends much more on jailing juvenile offenders than it does on prevention and intervention. The investment in the two approaches should be reversed.

Part 2

Realigning Illinois fiscal priorities in juvenile justice.

President's page

Proposed Medicaid transfer limits unfair to elderly, council says: proposed restrictions on asset transfers, designed to make Medicaid eligibility harder to get for nursing home residents, are unduly harsh, some ISBA lawyers say.

Unhappy SLAPPers: more muscle for the Citizen Participation Act: the Illinois Supreme Court held that the act immunized a defamation defendant's statements to a reporter about a developer.

Strategic lawsuit against public participation - Wright Development Group v. Walsh

ISBA ethics opinions: updated and easier to research. A new searchable online index of ethics opinions, freshly updated in light of the new rules, makes them a better resource than ever for ISBA members.

Illinois State Bar Ass'n

Putting the 'hearing' in public hearings: a lawyer's testimony in the Supreme Court committee hearing on the new evidence rules produces results.

The preclusive effect of summary suspension hearings in subsequent adjudication.


Agency rules must include analysis of effect on small businesses. PA 096-1448.


Penalty and sale delays for mobile homes in disaster areas. PA 096-1211.


State may recover payments for state workers injured by third party. PA 096-1430.


Illinois implements changes to Nurse Practice Act.

Penalties for unreasonable obstruction of parking place for disabled. PA 096-1125.


Retail theft penalties adjusted. PA 096-1301.


Schools no longer obligated to comply with unfunded mandates, PA 096-1441.


Updated Illinois professional teaching standards adopted.

All hail the Illinois Rules of Evidence.

Judicial selection in Illinois: a third way.

Introducing the new and improved minor guardianship statute.


Appeal of pretrial discovery orders in Illinois.

Employer v. employee: when is it forbidden retaliation under Title VII?

Non-identical twins: the Illinois and Federal Rules of evidence: though the Illinois Rules of Evidence are modeled on the Federal Rules of Evidence, important differences between the two limit the persuasive power of federal precedents in Illinois.

(Asset) buyer beware; warning to buyers of going businesses: you may be buying some of your sellers' liabilities.


'It's toasted': lawyer websites and the rules of ethics.: so what can you say and do on your website? A new ABA ethics opinion provides some long-sought guidance.

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