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Time Stipulated In The Patent Act For Processing Of Application To Be Followed In Letter And In Spirit

Triple Identity Test Satisfied, Says The Delhi High Court

Upper Limit Fixed Under Section 148 CPC Cannot Take Away The Inherent Powers Of The Court

Indian Intellectual Property And Information Technology Laws Newsletter- May/June-2011

Permanent Injunction Granted To Surya Food & Agra Ltd For 'PRIYAGOLD'

Government & Public Sector Law

Legal Bottleneck Can Be Eased by Lowering Bar on Foreign Firms

The Arbitration Law Of India: A Critical Analysis

Judicial Review in India

The Right To Speedy Justice & New Avtar Of Fast Track Courts

Intellectual Property

India's Time To Delve Into IP Laws

THE TRADE MARK RULES, 2017: AT A GLANCE Simple. Straightforward. Faster.

Export Under Section 107A Of Indian Patent Act, 1970

Bombay High Court Limits The Purview Of A Well-Known Trademark

Response To Office Action (S) In Respect Of Indian Patent Applications

Ip Environment In India - An Insight Of Opportunities And Threats

Contesting Grant Of A Patent At The Patent Office By Way Of Oppositions

Contesting Grant Of A Patents At The Patent Office By The Way Of Oppositions

The Trade Marks Rules, 2017

'Compulsory Licensing' – Every Request For Compulsory License Will Not Be Granted And Special Powers Of The Government In Exceptional Circumstances

Patent Infringement Litigation In India And Interim Injunctions: Jurisprudence On 'Public Interest' Continues To Evolve!

Entitlement To Apply For And Be Granted A Patent

IPO Rejects Patent Application For Xtandi (Prostrate Cancer Drug)

Bollywood: A Little Too Much Inspiration

IP Environment In India - Insight Of Opportunities And Threats

FRAND-ing Patent Licenses And Its Implication In Landmark Cases In India

Takedown Notice Of Infringing Content Over Internet

Salient Features Of Trademark Rules, 2017

Blackberry Sues Nokia For Patent Infringement: An Overview

Expedited Examination And Non-Expedited (Normal) Examination: Who Can File Request For Examination?

Are Patents Prima Facie Valid Or Is There A Six-Year Hitch?

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