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Time Stipulated In The Patent Act For Processing Of Application To Be Followed In Letter And In Spirit

Triple Identity Test Satisfied, Says The Delhi High Court

Upper Limit Fixed Under Section 148 CPC Cannot Take Away The Inherent Powers Of The Court

Indian Intellectual Property And Information Technology Laws Newsletter- May/June-2011

Permanent Injunction Granted To Surya Food & Agra Ltd For 'PRIYAGOLD'

Government & Public Sector Law

Legal Bottleneck Can Be Eased by Lowering Bar on Foreign Firms

The Arbitration Law Of India: A Critical Analysis

Judicial Review in India

The Right To Speedy Justice & New Avtar Of Fast Track Courts

Intellectual Property

DPS World Foundation Barred From Piggybacking On Delhi Public School's Reputation

Early Publication Of Patent Application In India: Pros And Cons

Difference Between Trademarks, Copyrights And Patents

How Is Your User Date Protecting Your Trademark?

Amendments To The Trademark Rules

Patent Renewal Process In India

Utility Patents & Its Position In India

Registering Sound Marks in India- Trade Mark Rules 2017

Monsanto Nuziveedu Battle Reaches The Division Bench Of Delhi High Court


The Indian Anti-counterfeiting (Executive & Legal) Regime

Delhi High Court Knocks Out Monsanto And Its Claims For Higher License Fee

IIPRD Among Top 100 Intellectual Property Blogs- FEEDSPOT

IPOPHL Unanimously Recommended For Appointment As International Authority On Patent

MyIPO Allocates Fund For students

NPDC Supplementary Details

Trademark Genericide: Victims Of Their Own Success?

Trademark Rules Reformed: Filing Applications In India

Joint Ownership Of Trademarks

Divisional Patent Practice Revisited.

Update: Guidelines Issued For Determination Of Well-Known Mark By The Registrar Under The New Trademark Rules, 2017

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