Intellectual Property and Development

Carsten Fink
Keith E. Maskus
World Bank, 2005
ISBN 0821357727

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Why We Study Intellectual Property Rights and What We Have Learned

I. Introduction. II. Intellectual Property and Economic Analysis: Some Conceptual Guidance. III. What Have We Learned from Past Research?. IV. Conclusion. References.

Intellectual Property, Trade, FDI and International Licensing

How Stronger Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Affects International Trade Flows

I. Introduction. II. A Review of the Economics of Trade-Related IPRs. III. Empirical Analysis: The Estimation Setup. IV. Empirical Estimates. V. Comparisons with Related Studies. VI. Summary and Conclusion. Appendix 2.A. Country Data. References.

The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Encouraging Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfer

I. Introduction. II. Trends in FDI and Technology Transfer. III. The Influences of IPRs on Technology Transfer. IV. Econometric Evidence on IPRs and Technology Transfer. V. Policies to Attract Beneficial FDI and Technology Transfer. VI. Concluding Remarks. References.

Intellectual Property Rights and U.S. and German International Transactions in Manufacturing Industries

I. Introduction. II. Theoretical Predictions and Available Empirical Evidence. III. IPRs and Total U.S. International Transactions. IV. IPRs and U.S. Arm's-Length Exports and Sales by Overseas Affiliates. V. IPRs and German Exports and FDI. VI. IPRs and German Receipts for Patents, Inventions, and Processes. VII. Summary of Main Findings. References.

Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing: An Econometric Investigation

I. Introduction. II. Intellectual Property and Licensing. III. An Empirical Model of Licensing. IV. Data Sources. V. Estimation Results. VI. Concluding Remarks. References.

The Composition of Foreign Direct Investment and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: Evidence from Transition Economies

I. Introduction. II. Related Literature and Hypotheses to Be Tested. III. Econometric Specification and Data. IV. Empirical Results. V. Conclusions. Appendix 6.A. Robustness Tests. References.

Intellectual Property Exhaustion and Parallel Trade

Entering the Jungle of Intellectual Property Rights Exhaustion and Parallel Importation

I. Introduction. II. The Current Legal Framework. III. The Pros and Cons of National IPR Exhaustion Compared with International IPR Exhaustion. IV. The (Limited) Empirical Evidence. V. Conclusion. References.

Parallel Imports in a Model of Vertical Distribution: Theory, Evidence, and Policy

I. Introduction. II. Policy Issues. III. A Model of Vertical Distribution and Parallel Imports. IV. Empirical Evidence. V. Concluding Remarks. References.

Developing and Distributing Essential Medicines to Poor Countries: The DEFEND Proposal

I. Introduction. II. Scope of the Problem. III. The Economics of Developing and Distributing Drugs. IV. A Proposal for a Developing Economies' Fund for Essential New Drugs. V. Concluding Remarks. References.

Intellectual Property, Market Structure and Innovation

Patent Protection, Transnational Corporations, and Market Structure: A Simulation Study of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

I. Introduction. II. Industry Structure. III. The Model Setup. IV. The Data. V. Model Calibration. VI. Model Simulation. VII. Simulation Results. VIII. Summary of Main Findings. References.

Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights in Lebanon

I. Introduction. II. The Existing IPR System in Lebanon. III. The Relevance of IPRs for Industries. IV. The Economics of IPRs in a Small Developing Economy. V. Estimates of Static Output and Employment Effects of Stronger IPRs. VI. Concluding Remarks. Appendix 11.A General Equations for Partial-Equilibrium Models. References.

Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Development in China

I. Introduction. II. IPRs and Economic Development. III. The IPR Situation in China. IV. Conclusions and Recommendations. References.

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