Table of Contents

Banking and Financial

Japan and Iran Seal Ground-Breaking Oil Deal

Mortgage of Intangible Properties in Iranian Law

Azadegan Oil Field Development Contract

Executive Directives to the Law Concerning Maximum Use of Iranian Technical Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities


A Report on the Situation of Science and Technology in Islamic Republic of Iran

Weak and Strong Points of the 1382 Budget Bill

Government & Public Sector Law

Full Age of an Entitled Person for Conclusion of Contract According to The Civil Code of Iran

Corporate/ Company Law

Azadegan Oil Field Development Contract


The cases of resort to the court in the arbitral proceeding in pursuance of Ratification of International Trade Arbitration Act by Iran

Corporate/Company Law

Iranian Sanctions And OFAC Sanctions-Compliance Clauses In Trading And Shipping Contracts

International Law

Those Three Little Words: OFAC's Subtle Language Shift Could Create Sweeping Change On Iran Investment

Iran: The New Normal

Iranian Shipping Sector Opened Up By JCPOA Deal

Iran - Is Your Business Ready?

Caution Still Advised In Dealings With Iran

What You Need To Consider For Re-Entry

Hope For Enhanced Trade Following Reopening Of Embassies

Preparing For Re-Entering Iran: Some Legal Considerations

Extension Of The Joint Plan Of Action

Further Extension Of Limited Sanctions Relief To 13 July 2015

No Decision Reached; Further Extension Of Limited Sanctions Relief Until 7 July 2015

Limited Sanctions Relief Extended To 24 November 2014

Easing Of EU Sanctions And The Impact On Iranian Trade

Politics And Consequences: An Update On U.S. Sanctions Against Iran

Iran Sanctions Update: New Restrictive Measures In The UK And EU

Iran Sanctions - Update

Iran, Sanctions And Oil - An Update

New Iran Sanctions Threaten Foreign Banks' Access To The United States, Impose Strict Measures On Financial System Of Iran

Noose Tightens Around UK/Iranian Trade - Is This The Final Nail In The Coffin?

U.S. Intensifies Iranian Sanctions To Target Petrochemical Industry And Reinforce Iran's Economic Isolation

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