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Safeguarding The National Anthem

Celebrity Banisteoir - Has The Final Whistle Blown?

Rolling Pins At Dawn

Holding Companies in Ireland

The Private Company No Longer A Legislative Afterthought But The New Model For Irish Company Law

Banking and Financial

Liability Under A Personal Guarantee

Can You Amend A Contract After Selection Of The Final Bidder?

State Financial Support For The Banking Sector Including The Proposed NAMA

Regulated Funds In Ireland - A Safe Harbour For Turbulent Times

Exchange Traded Funds And The UCITS Framework

The Continuing Evolution Of UCITS Funds

Is The UCITS Management Company Passport Going Places?

New EU Hedge Fund, Private Equity And Derivative Proposals

Insider Trading Law In Ireland (Part 2)

Insider Trading Law In Ireland (Part 1)

Floating On The IEX

VaR Limit Clarification

Ireland And China: Financial Regulators Strengthen Connections

Compensation For Investors When Investment Firms Fail

Ireland And China: Financial Regulators Strengthen Connections

Sharia Compliant Funds in Ireland

Has An Effective UCITS Management Company Finally Arrived?

UCITS IV: The Next Phase In The Evolution Of UCITS

Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With China

Covered Short Selling By UCITS Funds - The Debate Continues

Changes To The Irish Qualifying Investor Fund Regime

Irish Regulatory Provisions For Using Derivatives In Long/Short And 130/30 Strategies in UCITS Funds

The Classification Of Hedge Fund Indices As Financia lIndices

Establishing A Retail Fund In Ireland For Sale In Japan - Fund Structures And Features

The Transparency Directive 2004/109/EC

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