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Actualizado a 2017年03月20日(月)

Corporate/ Company Law

IP Developments in Japan

Anti-trust/ Competition Law

Japan Legal Update Vol. 22 | February 2017

IP High Court Holds Novel Food Package Not Necessarily Protected As Identification Of Source

JFTC Wields Antitrust Law To Enforce FRAND Obligations Of Standard Essential Patents

Trans-Pacific Partnership Concluded And To Be Implemented

Decision On The Effective Date Of The Amendment Of The Unfair Competition Prevention Act

Japanese version of 'Conscious Parallelism' - JFTC Finds Implied Agreement Between NEC and Toshiba from 'Symbolic' Conducts


Pre-Packaged Filings And Pre-Filing Arrangements For Sponsorship In Japan

Corporate Takeovers in Japan: Embracing 'Grafting'

Side Businesses of Discretionary Investment Managers in Japan

Japan's System Of Interlocking Shareholdings

What is the Bank of Japan Up To?

Gold Or Equities; Which Is The Real Bull Market?

Banking and Financial

Overseas Protectionist Policy

Trends In Securities Litigation In Japan: 1998-2008 - Damages Litigation Over Misstatements On The Rise

Structured Finance In Japan

Recent Developments In Takeover Defense Discussions In Japan

Japan’s New Triangular Merger Rules – Acquisition of Japanese Companies Through Share Exchanges

2007 Tax Reforms Relating To Corporate Reorganization

Japan's REITs Come of Age

Japan Fair Trade Commission's New Merger Review Guidelines

Intellectual Property

Summary Of Japanese Unfair Competition Prevention Law 2015 As Revised Aiming At Strengthening Protection Of Trade Secret

Summary Of IP High Court Grand Panel Decision On Scope Of Patent Right With Registered Patent Term Extension

Revisions Made To The Japan Patent Law Relating To Employee Invention System (Made Effective On April 1, 2016)

Tokyo District Court Rules On Enforceability Of Patent With Extended Term

JPO Tells Legitimate Owners Not To Be Afraid Of Bad Faith Trademark Filings

IP High Court Finds A Patent Invalid Due To A Prior Art Device Displayed At An Event By The Patent Owner Himself

The IP High Court Holds That A Seller Should Cooperate If The Purchaser Is Involved In An IP Dispute

JPO Working Together With KIPO And SIPO To Improve IP Protection

MADRID PROTOCOL: Renewal Requirements

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