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Vol. 7 Nbr. 4, October 2011

Navigating two worlds: new identity constructions as determinants for successful integration of new black immigrant and refugee youth in Canadian society.

Motivation and sports games in the physical education sports lesson a student from the university of medicine and pharmacy "Carol Davila".

Conservation and development of indigenous knowledge of the use of water Buffaloes.


The effect of computer use in science and technology lesson on success and attitude towards.

The application of local wisdom for production of condiment Isan' food ingredient into commercial.

Quality of life of the rural community: a comparison between three cities.

The level of satisfaction of the health services offered by the comprehensive health care center.


Psychosocial correlates of the need for physical education and sports in high school.

Attitudes of high school students toward physical education and their sport activity preferences.

Gender, stereotype threat and mathematics test scores.

The key components of Job satisfaction in Malaysian water utility industry.

The role of government for ecotourism development: focusing on east coast economic region.

An analysis of performance in elite young cross-country skiing: classical style vs skate skiing.

Factors influencing commitment of volunteers' in neighborhood watch organization.

Ways of fishery local life: processes of participation in management of natural resources in the coastal areas of the upper Gulf of eastern area.


An appraisal of foreign exchange resources generation and management.

Instrument of Primary School Teacher Competency.

Ethnicity and ethnic perception of Indians.

Compensating companion animal owners for veterinary malpractice through an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

Unidentified Corpses: development of management model in charity organizations of Chinese-Thai people.

Developing a community enterprise consultant network for Isan.

Rural students' skills and attitudes towards information and communication technology.

Developing community health conditions for happiness, phase 1.

Managerial decision and resource reallocation: a dynamic capability Perspective.


Developing learner centered action learning model.

Native understanding of participation and empowerment in community development.


Culture and the participation of native in educational attainment.

Rural population density effect on socio-economic characteristics: a review.

Development of a cultural network for enhancing the healthy cities.


Block in volleyball with the help of bodily communication.

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