Judicial Systems in Transition Economies. Assessing the Past, Looking to the Future

James H. Anderson , Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department (ECSPE) in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region
David S. Bernstein , Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department (ECSPE) in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region
World Bank, 2005
ISBN 0821361899

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

Executive Summary

Experience in the 1990s. The reform agenda.


The First Decade of Reform

Antecedents. Socialist law. Socialist legal institutions. Citizen mindsets. The reform agenda: legislation and institutional change. Donor support. The EU imperative. Citizens' views on the first reform decade.

Legal and Judicial Institutions Ten Years into Transition

The "implementation gap". Court performance. Independence. Efficiency and affordability. Transparency and accountability. Credibility. Understanding the linkages among reforms. What makes courts problematic for firms?. Toward a typology for judicial reforms.

Conclusion: Lessons for Future Reform

General lessons. Link Increased Independence with Strong Accountability. Improve Efficiency. Follow-up on Lawmaking with Implementation and Enforcement. Take a Broad View of Legal and Judicial Reform. The Importance of Process and the Impact of Donor Influences. Setting priorities. Weak demand: focus on fundamental economic reforms. Moderate demand: continued economic reforms and judicial strengthening. Strong demand: from comprehensive to focused judicial reform.


Appendix 1: Turkey-A Different Path For Legal and Judicial Reform. Appendix 2: The World Bank's Support for Judicial Reform in Transition Economies, (As of early 2005). Appendix 3: Methodology. Summary Figure 1. Sources: BEEPS1, BEEPS2. Description. Summary Figure 2.Source: World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2004. Description. Summary Figure 3. Sources: BEEPS2, EBRD Transition Report, World Development Indicators. Description. Figure 1.1. Sources: BEEPS1, BEEPS2. Description....


International Agreements

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