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from February 2006
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Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for the Nursing Profession
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Vol. 17 Nbr. 7, July 2009

Disability discrimination: court rules that deaf patient has grounds to sue hospital.

E.R.: nurses, physicians failed to catch impending stroke.

Emergency room: nursing care, hospital procedures in compliance with EMTALA.

Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act - Case overview

Psych patients not supervised: penalty upheld.

Brief article - Case overview

Suicide: gun brought onto psych unit, patient was not searched returning from five-hour pass.

Nurse as expert witness: court widens nurses' role in the courtroom.

Case overview

Post-op care: nurse should have been able to intubate a patient.

Employment discrimination: white male nurse's case thrown out.

General power of attorney: family member can consent to arbitration.

Brief article

Misuse of residents' credit cards: nursing home did not commit malicious prosecution.

Power of attorney for healthcare decisions: family member cannot consent to arbitration.

Dialysis: nurse cancelled order for lab work.

Living will: court finds fault with care planning.

Mother, newborn in car, infant dropped: hospital pays settlement.

Brief article - Case overview

Operation on wrong knee: court faults surgical nurse.

Brief article - Case overview

Discrimination: nurse did not file complaint with EEOC.

Fall: nursing home settles.

Labor & delivery: nurse applied fundal rather than suprapubic pressure.

Labor & delivery: nurse waited to report to the obstetrician.

Labor & delivery: student nurse did not know how to read the monitor.

Brief article - Case overview

Catheter-related urinary tract infections: new CDC guideline.

Gender-based shift assignments: male aide's bias lawsuit thrown out.

Prenatal care: court faults clinic's practices for screening patients re current medications.

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