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The Key Official - Your Man On The Ground

Finance and Banking

Notice To Investors Of Inspirit Energy GBP Asset Backed ETI

Corporate News: Commonwealth Securitisation PLC

Malta - Consolidation Of The Domestic Fund Framework

Recent Initiatives Boosting The Aviation Industry

MFSA Issue Consultation Document On Proposed Regulation Of Collective Investment Schemes Investing In Virtual Currencies.

The Notified AIF – Malta's Fast Track Fund

Secured Lending: Trends And Regulatory Climate

Feedback Statement To The MFSA Consultation Document On Investment-Based Crowdfunding

Implications Of Brexit: Malta And Cyprus Offer An EU Single Market Solution For UK-Based Businesses

ESMA Cracks Down On The Enforcement Of Financial Information

Malta's Financial Services Industry Is Thriving And Performing Well

Malta-UK Business Promotion Taskforce Set Up

Securitisation Of Shipping Assets – Alternative Financing For The Maritime Industry

MFSA – Consultation On Proposed Amendments To The Notified Alternative Investment Funds Regime

Maltese Tax Aspects Of Aviation

Aircraft Leasing in Malta

Bypassing Traditional Lending Practices

The AIFMD And Fund Distribution In The EU

Consultation Document For The Strengthening Of The MFSA

Securitisations Will Strengthen Malta's Competitive Position

Prevention Of Money Laundering And Funding Of Terrorism Regulations 2017

Maltese EU Council Presidency Reaches Milestone Agreement With European Parliament On STS Securitisation/CRR Legislation

Beyond Malta's Financial Services Industry

Financemalta 10th Annual Conference Made Its Quantum Leap

Minister Edward Scicluna Addresses Financial Services Practitioners

Sponsorships For The Financemalta Annual Conference 2017

FinanceMalta And GANADO Advocates To Participate In 21st Annual Global ABS

Securitisation Cell Companies

Senior FT Editor To Moderate FinanceMalta Conference

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