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from November 2000
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Vol. 18 Nbr. 3, July 2009

Russia and the U.S.A. in confrontation: military and political aspects.

The nature of Russia's military security and its legal regulation.

Conditions for armed conflicts arising on RF territory in the 21st century and their likely characteristics in a deteriorating military-political situation.

International military cooperation of Central Asian states.

On the innovative development concept in the Armed Forces.

The development of Russian military art during the period of machine production (World War I, 1914-1918).

Company overview

Guidelines for studies of the combat effectiveness of conventional long-range high-precision weapons.

Development trends in the means and systems of communications at the command level.

On the development and employment of non-lethal chemical weapons.

The impact of physical fitness on servicemen's well-being and intellectual work efficiency.

Systems of troop command and control as an instrument of strategic deterrence.

Evolution of automated information systems in the Armed Forces.

Formalizing combat documents in automated systems of commanding troops.

Socio-psychological characteristics of various categories of servicemen.

The management of information resources as a major factor for stable development of military higher education institutions.

Terminological systems as a major element of Research Methodology in military science.

The statistical aspect of armed struggle laws.

Certain specificities of the formation of creative thinking in the process of military training.

The outlook of the culture of military security: history and modernity.

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