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from January 2010
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St. Mary's University College
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Nbr. 7-2, December 2013


Legislative Protection of Property Rights in Ethiopia: An Overview

There are ambiguities, inconsistencies, gaps and outdated features in the legislative protection of some property rights in Ethiopia. Moreover, there is the bestowal of wide and undue discretion to various administrative authorities without judicial scrutiny. These problems clearly lead to discretionary and arbitrary administrative decisions and inconsistent court rulings thereby posing insecurity in the protection of property rights. Well-specified property rights stimulate private investmen...

Overview of Country Experience in Land Rights and Developmental Statehood: South Korea, Taiwan, China and Singapore

This article examines lessons that can be drawn from the land rights regimes of four countries that have commendable economic performance. It highlights the nature of land rights during the developmental statehood pursuits of three East Asian states (South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore) and a country that currently pursues socialist market economic policy, i.e. China. The themes that are considered include (a) lessons from the land rights regime in South Korea including the salient features of ...

Role Conflict between Land Allocation and Municipal Functions in Addis Ababa

The current accelerated growth of Addis Ababa has caused tension between the favourable aspects of urban redevelopment, and the corresponding wake-up calls against the risks of transforming various parts of the city into haphazard ‘concrete jungle’. I argue that there is role conflict in municipality authorities that are entrusted with the power to lease out urban land, and at the same time carry out the regulatory function of revising and implementing urban master plans and providing municip...

The History of Expropriation in Ethiopian Law

Expropriation is a compulsory taking of land by the state for public purpose and upon advance payment of fair compensation. After describing its nature and basic contents, this article attempts to construct the history of expropriation in Ethiopia based on primary and secondary sources. It covers the historical and legislative period of pre-2005 Ethiopia. It is argued in this article that because of lack of urbanism in pre-twentieth century Ethiopia and because of the strong religious ethic o...

The Myth of ?Tragedy of the Commons' in Sustaining Water Resources

With growing concerns regarding natural resources security over the last fifty years, a range of movements, including the notion of the tragedy of the commons suggest how to enhance sustainability of natural resources. A case in point is the discourse on the necessity of introducing regulatory and market schemes for the challenges to the sustainability of the commons. This article, inter alia, highlights the literature on the tragedy of the commons, in order to understand its theoretical and ...

Judicial Protection of Private Property Rights in Ethiopia: Selected Themes

Comments on FAO's Achievements toward a Public Domain in Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

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