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Vol. 44 Nbr. 3, March 2017

Pro-lifers "are the antidote to the present darkness".


Helping women--all year long.

From the President - President's page

Co-author of new best-selling book about Kermit Gosnell to speak at NRLC 2017.

Ann McElhinney; National Right to Life Convention - Conference news

My submission to the AMA opposing neutrality on physician-assisted suicide.

American Medical Association

2017 special elections: Great Pro-Life opportunities abound.

Pro-abortionists' answer to women facing real-world crises is more and more abortion.

The gender equality argument for abortion does not withstand scrutiny.

Combat veteran who lost both legs addresses the brutality of the dismemberment abortion.

Wayne Cockfield

A "Day Without Women" would've meant a day without life-saving pregnancy help.

The war on women continues (for now).

War on abortion

Preemie "completely changed the world" in his brief life: "Jack Sparrow" born at 24 weeks.

Premature infant Jack Riley Sadgrove

Pro-aborts and media mercilessly and unfairly target Kellyanne Conway.

Democrats in New Mexico table bill so as to ensure abortion always results in dead baby.

Activist abortion academics want RU-486 sold at your local pharmacy.

Mifeprex REMS Study Group

Babies with down syndrome deserve love, not eradication.


Abortionist tells colleagues: don't let women see the sonogram.

Sally Faith Dorfman - Excerpt - Brief article

S.C. Constitutional Laws Subcommittee approves Dismemberment Ban 3-0.

Pro-abortion Schumer recycles discredited claims about PPFA using "slippery language": Washington Post FactChecker gives claim "Three Pinocchios".

Chuck Schumer on Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Why abortion reversal can and does work.

Montana came SO close to closing the door to assisted suicide: the status quo remains unchanged.

What if mothers actually talked the way abortion supporters do about their babies?


On this President's Day, what if Hillary Clinton had won?

The day when Roe's forgotten men and women will be forgotten no more.

Roe vs. Wade

One gentle criticism is enough to send pro-abortion John Irving off the deep end.

Critical essay

MCCL Legislative Director tells committee why state regulation of abortion clinics is vitally important.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life's Andrea Rau

I thought I hated abortion as much as I could. Then my wife got pregnant.

On International Women's Day remembering the women in China forced to abort: and remembering millions of little girls "missing" around the world.

Woman says, my babies understood why I was aborting them.

Brief article - Reprint

A crochet octopus is helping premature babies thrive.

Adopted at birth, 10-year-old boy already giving back to local pro-life effort.

Kyle Gudger

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