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Two new senior appointments at Chapman Tripp


Proposed Changes To Part 5 Of The Commerce Act - Reviewing The Review

Changes In Annual Reporting Reduce Costs For Firms: Business Law Reform - Regulations And Commencement Orders

Asset Planning

When is a Tax Haven not a Tax Haven?

Income Tax Treatment of Payments to Non-resident Software Suppliers

Insolvency Changes Announced

Insurance and Transport

High Court Determines When An Occurrence Based Liability Policy Responds To A Leaky Building Claim

High Court Applies S.11 Of The Insurance Law Reform Act 1977 In A Novel Way

Leaky Building Case Decides When The Damage Occurred

Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Bill: The Issues To Consider When Making Submissions

NZ Insurance (Prudential Supervision ) Bill - Consultation Draft

Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Bill - Consultation Draft

Maritime New Zealand v Birchall: Court Broadens The Definition Of 'Master' In Maritime Law

Limited Liability Regime For Domestic Carriers Further Confined

What Is Your Ship Worth? - 'Agreed Value' Policies In Marine Insurance

Nz Insurance Update

Director´s Liability, Leaky Homes And The Tortious Duty Of Councils

Decision – Whangamata Marina Society

Environmental & Energy

Electricity Supply, Acceptable Quality And The Consumer Guarantees Act

Restricted Discretionary Activities

Emissions Trading Tax Issues

Emissions Trading Tax Issues

Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill

Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill

Case Note: Coromandel Watchdog Of Hauraki Incorporated v Chief Executive Of The Ministry Of Economic Development And Anor CA CA285/05 (31 October 2007)

Climate Change Policy Update

Court Case About Radiation From Power Lines

Amending A Resource Consent Application Post-Notification – How Far Can You Go?

Environmental Law: Existing 'Use Rights' Under The Microscope

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