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Núm. 5, Enero 2013


The Role of Eyewitness Testimony in Exonerations: An Archival Study

This paper deals with two issues related to exoneration cases: On the one hand, it examines the relative number of lineups used as the method of identification that resulted in mistaken identifications and false convictions. On the other, it compares eyewitness error as a cause of false convictions with other common causes. The original intent of the study was to concentrate only on the first topic. After defining some of the terms used in this paper, we will first outline our interest in the...

Environmentalism in Today's Eastern Europe

Civic control in environmental matters is an existential need of a well-functioning democracy. Green parties often emerge from civil society movements, though they lose their civic nature on entering parliament. Axiologically, objective environmental values should be protected by political parties, whilst both objective and subjective environmental values are represented by civil society organizations. The evolution of green movements in Western Europe and Northern America differs considerabl...

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