Table of Contents

Corporate/ Company Law

Law Relating To Freedom Movements And Terrorism

Business Growth Through Documentation & Prudential Regulations

The Economic Barometer Indicates Fair Weather Ahead

Environmental Justice & The Courts: The Best Way, The Only Way Or The Need For Some Other Way


Addressing an Average Citizen's View of the Economy

Banking and Financial

The Post September 2001 World Pakistani Asset Manager's Perspective

Judicial Development In Pakistan On The Terms And Conditions Of The Fire Insurance Policies, Which Are Universal

Insurance and Transport

Liability Arising From An Oil Spillage Vis-A-Vis Maritime Insurance And Environmental Law Perspective

Environmental & Energy

Pakistan Oil And Gas Sector - Petroleum Exploration And Production Policy 2009

Energy & Natural Resources

Overview Of The Oil And Gas Regime In Pakistan

Employment and HR

Sexual Harassment In Pakistan Is Increasing Despite The 'Protection Against Harassment Of Women At Work Place Act 2010.'

Anti-trust/Competition Law

Competition Commission Grants Damages Worth 10 Million Rupees Against Proctor & Gamble For Engaging In Deceptive Marketing Practices

CCP Finds Manufacturer And Marketer Of Toyota Vehicles Abused A Dominant Position

International Law

Legal Ramifications Of India's Unilateral Withdrawal From IWT

Reko Diq Arbitration: Can There Be A Settlement?

Importance Of International Arbitration

Kishenganga Arbitration And Viability Of Arbitration In Resolving State-To-State Disputes


Amending Laws To Allow Chinese Investment

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