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Year 2013

  • Nbr. 2, November 2013

Year 2012

Nbr. 2, November 2013


Considerations on amending and supplementing law No. 279/2005 on apprenticeship at work by law No. 179/2013

Changes and additions made to the Law on apprenticeship contract and call into question the manner in which the Romanian legislator understands that give efficiency to this legal institutions. The scientific research aims to identify substantive changes made to the legal text by Law no. 179/2013 and to explore opportunities in the current context of national and European legislation.

The role of the local government in ensuring the economic freedom

The study aims to examine the role that local government plays in ensuring the economic freedom. It briefly examines the status of local authorities, deliberative and executive, and also the powers that they have to create the conditions for the exercise of economic freedom. The study also examines the constitutional regime of this fundamental freedom which is part of the rights and freedoms of the first generation. The purpose of the research aimed both identifying the role of local governme...

The role of the european committee for social rights (ECSR) in the european system for the protection of human rights. Interactions with ECHR Jurisprudence

Upon its foundation in 1961, the European Committee for Social Rights (ECSR) was meant to be a counterpart of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the field of economic, social and cultural rights, i.e. an international body of control regarding the manner in which states understand to respect human rights. But, given the fastidious contents of ESCR and for political reasons, ECSR has never enjoyed the same guarantee mechanisms or level of accessibility that have characterized ECHR. T...

Groups of companies and environmental liability confronting

It's been a long time since markets transcended national borders, corporate law dealing at the beginning of this century with rather complex corporate structures that gradually replace its ordinary subjects, the companies. At the same time, the bases of civil liability for torts were put in a time when damage was only exceptional and had comprehensible dimensions, circumstances that are no longer valid today when we talk of the environmental damage. The ability of the victims of environmental...

Posted workers in the transnational provision of services - Treatment and obligations of employers

This study aims to clarify some issues concerning the rules applicable to posted workers within the framework of the transnational provision of services and obligations incumbent upon employers, both of those the post and the provision of services to beneficiaries , issues raises a number of practical problems with regard to the distinction in regulating the notion of posting, relative to the internal regulation of the Labour Code (Act 53/2003 - republished ) on the one hand and the European ...

The enforcement issues in the period 2013-2018 of the social protection measures for collective dismissal

Given the current economic climate, it has become imperative - for social protection of people redundant - to adopt urgent measures to mitigate the social impact of the plans for layoffs. Immediate actions as those above - evident are based on the need to continue the economic recovery in accordance with the strategies in the field, to comply with state aid rules, to achieve the objectives of improving the activity of domestic companies, companies national or companies owned by the state, as ...

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