Table of Contents

Bringing Land To Book

Banking and Financial

Country Q&A - Communications

Intellectual Property

Striving To Become A Better Host For R&D Investments

Romanian Customs Seize Counterfeit Party Paraphernalia

Romanian Customs Seize Counterfeit Toys, Accessories

Romanian Customs Seize Counterfeit Toys, Accessories

Romanian Customs Seize Counterfeit Toys, Accessories

Legal Aspects Of Supplementary Protection Certificates In Romania

Romanian PTO Issues New Instructions For Trademark And GI Examination Procedures

Romanian PTO Decision On Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company's Opposition Could Set Precedent

Tenth Edition Of The Nice Clasification, In Force From 1 January 2012

Romanian Trademark Law Becomes Fit For Europe

Supplementary Protection Certificate For Medicinal Products Or For Plant Protection Products – New Title Of Protection In Romania

Corporate/ Company Law

The Case For Romania's Accession To NATO


Investment Arbitration In The Context Of Renewable Energy Investments

The Dispute Resolution Review

Modificarea Regulilor De Procedura Arbitrala Si A Regulamentului De Organizare Si Funcţionare Ale Curţii De Arbitraj Comercial Internaţional De Pe Lângă C.C.I.R.

New Rules Of Arbitration As Of 2012

The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Business Crime 2012 - A Practical Cross-Border Insight Into Business Crime (Romania)

Borderline Measures In Respect To Infringement Of Industrial Property Rights In Romania

Labour and Employment

Overview Of Romanian Employment Law

New Amendments To The Labour Code

New Law Amending The Romanian Labor Code

Proposed Amendments to the Romanian Labour Code

Open Questions Regarding The Transfer Of Undertakings

Finance and Banking

Applicability Of The Financial Assistance Prohibition For Limited Liability Companies Under Romanian Law

The Sale Of Non-Performing Loans After GEO 52/2016

Recent Legislative Changes Impacting The Crediting Business And The Secondary Markets For Banking Assets

Leveraged Buyout Structures And Private Equity. The Romanian Legal Perspective

Digital Banking In Romania. The Time Is Now

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