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Intellectual Property

Serbian Customs Seize Fake Boots

Fake Toys, Cell Phone Accessories, Sneakers Destroyed In Serbia

A Relationship like No Other - IP & Pharmaceuticals

Draft Of New Trademark Act Introduces Trademark Opposition System And Various Other Changes

Intellectual Property/IP Highlights - March 2014

Intellectual Property/IP Highlights August 2013

Highlights August 2013

IP Highlights February 2013 - International

IP Highlights March 2013 – International

IP Highlights - Latest Stories And IP News From South East Europe, March 2013

Kosovo PTO Now Accepts Search Requests

Serbia Accedes to Nice Agreement and Singapore Treaty

Fake Nike Apparel Destroyed in Serbia

Western Balkans: The Importance Of Trademark Protection

Union Of Serbia And Montenegro Ends


New Guidelines For The Detection Of Bid Rigging In Public Procurement

New Regulations Governing Fining and Leniency Policy Bring Serbia's Competition Law Regime Closer to EU Standards

The New Serbian Competition Act Will Modernise The Competition Law Regime And Foster Public Enforcement

Competition Update

Real Estate

Stimulating the Serbian Construction Industry

Supporting Investors To Gain Ownership Of Ex- State Owned Land

Converting Planning And Construction Brick By Brick


Serbia Adopts Amendments To VAT Law

Serbia Introduces Widely-Disputed VAT Rulebook

Serbia Ratifies The Agreement On Avoidance Of Double Taxation With South Korea

Serbia Signs 66th Agreement On Avoidance Of Double Taxation

Serbia Introduces VAT Proxy

VAT Law Amendments In Serbia

VAT Refund In Serbia

Annual Personal Income Tax Due By May 15, 2015

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