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from January 2007
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United States Sports Academy
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Vol. 15 Nbr. 1, January 2012

A study of golfers in Tennessee.

An exploratory study of physical activity patterns of college students at a Midwest state University in the United States.

Analysis of the reasoning behind the firings of Mike Leach and Jim Leavitt.

As goes the spoils, so go the victories: exploring Major League Baseball's playoff bonus system.

Black coaches trying to make it in a white-dominated industry: college football and the racial divide.

College choice factors for Division I athletes at an urban university.

Dietary habits of African Canadian women: a sampled survey.

Effect of acute massage on delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Evidence for a curvilinear relationship between burnout and years of coaching experience.

Exploring the physical health behavior differences between high and low identified sports fans.

Female athletes and eating disorders.

Female representation within intercollegiate athletics departments.


Footwear trends: should sport & fitness enthusiasts embrace the minimalist movement?

Intercollegiate athletics vs. academics: the student-athlete or the athlete-student.

Investigation of Korean female golfers' success factors on the LPGA Tour from 1998 to 2007.

Motivation and goal orientations of master games participants in Hong Kong.

Point/counterpoint: paying college athletes.

Risk management plans: existence and enforcement at NIAAA member high school athletic departments.

Sports confidence and critical incident intensity after a brief application of emotional freedom techniques: a pilot study.

Static stretching versus dynamic warm up: the effect on choice reaction time as measured by the Makoto Arena II.

Technical abilities of elite wheelchair basketball players.

The effect of coordination training program on learning tennis skills.

The impact of service quality and satisfaction on customers' future intentions, in the sport spectators' context.

The impact of service quality of public sports facilities on citizens' satisfaction, image, and word-of-mouth intention.

The kinematics of the return of serve in tennis: the role of anticipatory information.

The mentoring role of high school girls' basketball coaches in the collegiate recruiting process.

Upon further review: an empirical investigation of voter bias in the Coaches' Poll in college football.

Work-family conflict and related theories in NCAA Division II sports information professionals.

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