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Nbr. 2009, February 2009

The case of turning adversity to opportunity.


How much should talent be paid? Following the credit crunch and the collapse of big financial houses, one of the issues thrown up is executive remuneration and by extension, overall pay transparency, and performance-based salaries. The question still arises: "what is fair compensation for talent?".


Power and politics go hand in hand: power is the ability to get things done. Although some managers have authority, they do not have power as they fail to play the political game correctly.


Small business opportunities abound: in an economic downturn, statistics indicate more people start small businesses. While this may not make sense on the surface, it becomes clear when you realise that more people who get laid off in a downturn may go into business for themselves.

When employees want to change what they do: sometimes employees apply for an internal vacancy to show their displeasure with their supervisor. Other employees want to learn new things. Whatever the reason for the change, the human resources department should have clear policies on promotions, transfer, and rehiring.


Boosting your employability in turbulent times: in a tough economy, it can be difficult to hang on to your job. It's equally important to take advantage of every opportunity to boost your employability. This article looks at some tips on how to stay employable.


Effective high-level planning process: one purpose of planning is to get clarity, to know what you should be doing on a daily basis and on a long-term basis. For company executives and professionals who are always on the go, they tend to do very little planning, particularly when their own work is involved.


The how, what, who, and why of service training; to get the most of service training, human resource development practitioners should focus on aptitude, affective, and attitude training programmes.


HR professionals as internal coaches: if you are performing the human resource function in an organisation, your role is changing faster than you think. Human resources plays a major role in the development of competent leaders, coaching of internal staff and colleagues, as well as creating and maintaining a people development culture in an organisation.


The power of coaching: with coaching, a leader is able to inspire the members of his team to upgrade themselves further and to exceed the limits of their capacity.

MANAGEMENT - Personal account

Bridging the SME need for enterprise resource management solutions.

BUSINESS - Small and medium businesses - Epicor Software Corp.

Business plans that bring results: you have a million-dollar idea. Your company is doing well but needs finance to expand. Either way, you need to excite wealthy friends or venture capitalists to put in new capital. Before people put money in your company they need details to weigh their risks. Thus, a business plan is a necessity to convince potential investors that their investment will multiply over time.


Green cars to save humankind: to own a car is part of the Singapore dream. We can do something to save the environment by owning a green car.

Alligator hides for the world: when you learn about the complex processes the alligator skins go through before they are ready to be made into expensive handbags, fashion wear, shoes, briefcases, and watchstraps, you will appreciate their beauty and value. Heng Long International is a homegrown company that has managed to become one of the top five international tanneries.


Managing late career issues.


Get there with minimum fuel: the Honda Civic Hybrid makes use of both a petrol-drive engine and an electric motor for power. The changeover from one to the other is controlled by computer so the driver need only concentrate on the traffic ahead.

Interviews help to secure a job: senior level people often end up in the wrong job, and are doomed to repeat their errors. But it doesn't have to be that painful; there are easier ways to get a job that truly fits.


Opportunities off the beaten track in the knowledge outsourcing field: a knowledge process outsourcing sector doing well even in these challenging times is in the healthcare and pharmaceutical knowledge space. Some argue that the scale is too small to consider growth but not being overloaded has helped such companies to do well.


The Board of directors' role in crisis management: boards of directors have to be vigilant to prevent crises and ensure that management is well prepared for various crises. They may have to take the lead when an emergency situation arises to keep people's informed, steady people's nerves, and help management sort through the ambiguity.


Arts and social science degree programmes becoming more popular: part 2.

Skills for writing persuasive proposals: at the workplace, we often have to write proposals whether it is to tender for a million-dollar project, request for research grants, or to persuade colleagues to change working procedures. This article looks at some of the skills required to write proposals that stand a high chance of being accepted.


The changing face of business travel.


Companies see value in lavish annual reports: it's time for listed companies to reduce spending on full-colour annual reports that are over 160 pages thick. Many extra copies of annual reports are sold as waste paper a year later. With reduced expenditure in the production of annual reports, companies can contribute more to charity.

Extraordinary features of the financial crisis: the economic crisis is testing the resolve of the rich countries to hold on to their proclaimed belief in free trade. There are voices calling for protectionist measures as a way to cope with the crisis. Though their governments show a tendency to listen to such voices, so far they have largely stuck to their commitment to promote free trade and investments.

BUSINESS - Statistical data

Singapore's betting obsession: gambling may be a social ill but Singaporeans seem to have been bitten by the gambling bug. While gambling is strictly controlled, it is estimated that Singaporeans wagered more than S$5.5 billion in 2008. No surprise then that betting for fun is gaining ground.

Learning from Japan's "lost decade".

The drive for companies to be socially responsible.


Safeway as a way of life: the Keppel group's safety objectives are to ensure that no harm comes to people, property, and the environment. Everyone deserves to go home safely to their family. Safety is everybody's business and safety is a journey.

Keppel Corporation Ltd.

Tips for job hunters: this article suggests three search avenues where you can improve your odds in securing a good job.

Leading in turbulent times: being a business leader in a downturn can be a daunting affair. The situation calls for decisiveness tempered by prudence and the ability to still stay ahead of competition. Ram Charan, the author of Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty and speaker at SIM's 28th Annual Management Lecture shares how this can be done.

Company overview

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