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Nbr. 2009, February 2009

Set goals for your road to success: as 2009 draws to an end, while some people engage in reflective thoughts about the past year's accomplishments, the New Year's goals, resolutions, plans, dreams, and directions, others seem oblivious to any of these. This article looks at goals and why they are important tools for personal fulfillment.

Business plans are a necessary evil: a business plan is one of the best ways to show bankers, venture capitalists, and other investors that you are worthy of financial support. This article illustrates what makes an excellent, usable, and actionable business plan.

Powerful presentations capture attention: this article looks at how habit and technology can combine to create an ineffective approach to presentations.

Hiring trends in 2009.

Finding strategic opportunities in a recession: Peter Steidl, the author of Survive, Exploit, Disrupt: Action Guidelines for Marketing in a Recession, outlines some of the key issues businesses need to address to ensure they not only survive the recession but can benefit from opportunities that times of massive change bring.

Recognising and overcoming work stress: stress is bad for people and organisations, it's a threat and a health risk, and it needs to be recognised and dealt with. The key is channeling stress energy into productive action instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Using the open source development model in higher education: this article examines how the Open Source Developmental Model can play the role of a transformative force in institutes of higher learning to better prepare graduates for the business world by exposing them to real world problems.


Arts and social science degree programmes becoming more popular.

Striking a balance: excelling both at work and with the family: the issue of grappling with balancing a career and a family is timely. Many women have conflict with needs that impinge on these two aspects of modern life. Melisa Quijano, president of Nu Skin for the Asean region, shares her view on balancing the needs of growing up children and making it in the corporate suite.

The mark of a Confucianist leader.

Around Europe in 80 minutes: the Sunset Way enclave is where you can find restaurants to suit your dining preferences. Jules Verne specializes in European cuisine.


Treat your customer as your guest.


Using problems as catalysts for workplace learning.

Concerns of Singapore managers: a broad-based survey of Singapore managers reveals that most view good health and work-life balance as more important than career advancement and higher salary despite current economic pressures. This article looks at some of the other interesting findings from the SIM Management Monitor.


Hard drive maker moves beyond hard disk manufacturing.


Meeting customer needs despite challenges: in a downturn, many organisations seek to cut costs. Few organisations contemplate new initiatives especially given the risk of success and the uncertainty of return on investment. This article looks at one company bucking the trend by spending on a premium customer care centre.


Creating the perfect world: want to create an environment that fosters creativity and team spirit? Humorist Scott Friedman shares how simple it can be to create the perfect environment for people to feel better about themselves, their responsibilities, and their roles.

Viewpoint essay

Five steps for achieving work-life balance: working longer hours and E-mail make it hard to balance the demands on your time, particularly if you have family commitments. But having a meaningful career doesn't mean sacrificing your personal life either. Achieving work-life balance isn't that difficult.


Reconnecting with yourself: what am I and what do I want in life? If we have the answer, the next step is to make it happen.

Sales strategies to capture market share in a down economy: selling is tough business in the current economic climate. After the heady days of excess, businesses and people are tightening their belts. Yet there are still customers who need or want to buy your products and services. Neil Rackham, the originator of SPIN Selling shares his views.

MARKETING/SALES - Viewpoint essay

Save money through printing efficiency.


The challenging role of the auditor: the main job of the auditor is verification of a company's financial records. They find out whether a company's records present its true financial situation. But increasingly, their job scope has expanded beyond mere verification to include more value-added services.


The challenge of launching new products.


New creations based on traditional Korean cuisine: taking its name from the Korean word for love, Sarang aims to share the heritage of Korean cuisine with food lovers as well as to introduce others to the experience of modern Korean food.

EXQUISITE DINING - Korean restaurant - Viewpoint essay

Helping stores go green with retail technology.


Thai restaurant joins the Bukit Timah eateries: you don't need to travel to Thailand to savour Thai cuisine. Thai Central has joined the many restaurants adjacent to the historic Beauty World site at Upper Bukit Timah Road.


The joys and woes of being a remisier: in a bull market, remisiers are so busy taking orders that they have little time to visit the toilet. Many of them became very rich overnight. Now with the prolonged bear market, many are giving up their seats to work in other careers. But the bull cycle will certainly return one day so the younger professionals may want to prepare themselves for the exciting job of a remisier.


Consumer-facing green initiatives.

Brief article

Manila comes to Singapore: when four friends decided to pool their resources to start a Filipino restaurant in Chinatown, Bonifacio was born. They have different backgrounds: Kelvin is a publisher, Picasso runs an event management firm and wushu academy, Ace owns two hotpot restaurants, and Lester is a TV director in the Philippines.


From Singapore to the world automatic video production: technology firm muvee Technologies is recognised as the pioneer and leader in automatic video production. Yet this Singapore firm is almost unknown outside the technology circles here.

IT UPDATE - Muvee Technologies

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