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Vol. 75 Nbr. 5-6, May 2009

A 'wind'-fall: economically viable industry holds hope for the future.

Larger margin

Record aluminum content: use of the lightweight metal in automobiles at all-time high.

News & analysis

T&P's 75th birthday this summer.

News & analysis

Saw blades tipped with carbide.

News & analysis - Correction notice

Managing is managing: be it baseball or the shop floor, operating at low decibels is a plus.

Straight talk

On target: for a new generation of parts, automated centerless profile grinding fills the bill--with up to 3-fold increase in production.

Centerless grinding - Cover story

The taper test: prototype fixture finds why vexing toolholder wear marks appear.


The true cost of quality: how to weigh the expense and benefits to determine profit and price.


Watchful eye keeps tabs on 575 machine tools: aerospace supplier sees new productivity heights, lower costs.

Predictive maintenance

Virtual gets visceral: metal chips a-poppin' on website as jaws are droppin'.

Metalworking webified

A new environment: fiscal stimulus helps recovery, but brings high inflation.

Financial analysis

From 12 hrs to 25 mins: giant steps for faster cavity hogging, square-offs follow re-tooling.

Re-tooling strategies

Machinists: beware dips n learning curve.

Shop talk

Little CMM that could: small but powerful tool boosts productivity and pinches pennies.

Enterprise metrology sleuth

6-12mm ball screws.

Product spotlight

Double coating.

Product spotlight

Grooving inserts.

Product spotlight

Hybrid press brake.

Product spotlight

Multispindle center.

Product spotlight

New geometry.

Product spotlight

Automatic tube cutoff lathes and feeders.


Cool electronic cabinets.


GibbsCAM 2000, V9.0 enhancements provide powerful capabilities.


HAAS automation provides worldclass CNC machine tool sales, service and support.


New brochures feature face mills, turning grades.


Rubrecht's recipe for success is simple: right people in the right seats on the bus.


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