The Transit Regime for Landlocked States

Kishor Uprety - Senior Counsel , Legal Vice Presidency, The World Bank
World Bank, 2006
ISBN 0821362992

Índice de la Obra




Acronyms and Abbreviations

General Overview

Introduction, Characteristics, and Scope

1.1 The Notion of Landlocked States -1.2 Historical Characteristics -1.3 Geopolitical Features -1.4 Economic and Developmental Challenges -1.5 Thematic Concerns and Scope

Theoretical Bases

Principles, Doctrines, and Theories Influencing the Right of Access to the Sea

2.1 Theory Based on the Freedom of Transi -2.2 Free Access and the Principle of Freedom of the Seas -2.3 Right of Access as an International Servitude -2.4 Right Compensating for Geographical Inequalities -2.5 Freedom of River Navigation -2.5.1 The Danube -2.5.2 The Mekong -2.5.3 The Niger -2.5.4 The Rio de la Plata

Evolution of the Regime

Evolution of International Law

3.1 Freedom of Transit for Trade: the Barcelona Statute -3.2 The Railway Case (Traffic between Lithuania and Poland) -3.2.1 The History -3.2.2 The Question -3.2.3 The Court's Opinion -3.3 Freedom of Transit Strengthened: The Havana Charter and the GATT -3.4 Reciprocity to Right of Access: The Convention on the High Seas -3.4.1 The Geneva Conference and the Problem of Access -3.4.2 Conflicting Theses: Moral Versus Juridical Rights -3.4.3 Article 3 of the Convention on the High Seas -3.5 Free ...

Influence of International Law on State Practice

4.1 Treaties Concluded in Europe -4.2 Treaties Concluded in Africa -4.3 Treaties Concluded in Latin America -4.4 Treaties Concluded in Asia

Soft Instruments and Specific Initiatives: Variation in Themes

5.1 International "Soft Law" Mechanisms -5.1.1 Strengthening Coordination: The ECOSOC Resolution -5.1.2 Devising Specific Actions: General Assembly Resolutions -5.2 Specific Initiatives for Resource Allocation -5.2.1 Seeking Equality in Inequality: The Almaty Initiative -5.2.2 Correcting Inequality: The Asunción Initiative -5.3 Pluridimensionality in Facilitating Access -5.3.1 Cooperative Globalism -5.3.2 Informed Bilateralism -5.3.3 Proactive Regionalism


A Better Future for All

6.1 Customary Law in Existence - 6.2 Relativism in Progress - 6.3 Pragmatism in Decision-Making

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Convention and Statute on the Regime of Navigable Waterways of International Concern

Statute on the Regime of Navigable Waterways of International Concern

Additional Protocol to the Convention on the Regime of Navigable Waterways of International Concern

United Nations Conference on Transit Trade of Land-Locked Countries

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III)

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