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The New Liability System Provided For Members Of The Board Of Directors Of Joint Stock Companies Under The Draft Commercial Code

Energy Law Frequently Asked Questions on Turkey


Securities Update In Turkey

The Turkish Update - September 2007

Foreign Banks Poised To Invest In Turkish Banking Sector

Is EU Accession Of Turkey A Bogus?

Memorandum About Derivatives In Turkey In Legal Terms

Highlights From The Recent Amendments To The Capital Markets Legislation

Memorandum About Insurance Audit Law

Memorandum On Amendments In The Banks Law Made By The Law 5020

Memorandum On Amendments In The Stamp Tax And Official Fees Laws Made By The Law No. 5035

Memorandum On Electronic Signature Law

Memorandum Regarding Mergers of Joint Stock Companies

Banking and Financial

Recent Change In The Foreign Exchange Loan Regime

The Port Operation Industry Is Growing: What About Financing Port Projects?

An Indispensable Tool In Business Life: Promissory Note

The Turkish Update - 1st Quarter 2009

Debt Enforcement Tips In Turkey

A Fresh Regulatory Approach To Convertible Bonds

Privatization In Turkey: Full Steam Ahead

Debt Restructuring: The Way Ahead In Turkey

Turkey's New PPP Law Is On The Way

Newly Introduced Investment Incentive Regulation

A New Communique For Tender Offers

Electronic Banking And Security

Warrants Launched

Warrants Have Finally Made It To The Turkish Capital Market

The Turkish Update

Amendments To The Laws Regarding Real Estate Acquisition In Turkey By Foreign Capital Companies

The Turkish Update - 3rd Quarter, 2008

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