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Actualizado a 4 de Septiembre de 2017

Banking and Financial

Financial Restructuring Chosen 'Deal of the Year' By LatinLawyer

The Venezuelan Collective Action Clauses

International Loans To Venezuela And Issues Of Debt Securities

Rules For The Protection Of Financial Services Users In Venezuela

Venezuelan Legal And Economic Newsletter


Resolution Published Regarding Exoneration from Income Tax Exemption

Informative Return for Operations with Related Parties Abroad

The Political-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court recently Issued Two Very Important Tax-Related Decisions

Indexed Loan Agreements

Information Technology Reaches Registries & Notaries

Overview Of The New Venezuelan Registration & Notarization System Under The New Registry & Notarial Law

Venezuelan Tax News

Treaties For Avoiding Double Taxation And The Bolivarian Constitution


Watch Your Choice Of Law Clause: The World Bank Annuls A $1.4 Billion Damages Award

Aviation Court Rules On Liability Of Private Aircraft In Venezuela

Venezuela Withdraws From The World Bank's International Centre For Settlement Of Investment Disputes

Most Significant Effects of the Change of the Value of the Tax Unit to Bs. 14,800 for Withholding

Venezuelan News - Free Competition

Labour & Employment

The Establishment Of The National Minimum Wage

Labor Law News

Anti-trust/ Competition Law

Venezuelan Antitrust Authorities Sentenced Against Exclusionary Practices Between Pharmaceutical Companies Dollder & Whyeth Case

Intellectual Property

A Good Question: Why Register Your Trademarks In Venezuela?

Increase in Official Fees for Intellectual Property Services in Venezuela

Decrease In PTO Official Fees

Tributary Unit Adjustment Increases Official PTO Fees

Eureka, I Had An Innovative And Practical Idea! Where Do I Have To Start To Make It Only Mine?

Ratification Of Oppositions To Maintain Your Trademark Interests In Venezuela

I Have Invented Something! (Or At Least I Think So)

Modification of Rules on Labeling to be Published Shortly

Venezuelan Legal And Economic Newsletter

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