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Access the comprehensive ABA Antitrust Collection of premium titles and periodicals in one integrated digital library on vLex, an award-winning legal research solution, directly linked to cited authorities from both US and international sources, with full-text access to US primary materials.

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Discover antitrust materials with ease

Access the comprehensive collection of antitrust materials online, enriched with hyperlinks to cited full-text US as well as links to cited international legal resources, all on vLex. This exclusive new collection integrates a range of trusted content enriched by vLex’s cutting-edge platform and products:

  • Premium Titles: Access to the latest editions of sought-after titles, including the seminal Antitrust Law Developments, the Premerger Notification Practice Manual, Consumer Protection Law Developments, and Competition Law outside the US.
  • 70+ ABA Antitrust Titles: Access to current titles that cover the latest developments in key areas such as monopolization, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and consumer protection.
  • The ABA Antitrust Section’s Flagship Periodicals: This includes the Antitrust Law Journal, Antitrust Magazine, and The Antitrust Source.
  • Archival materials: Access exclusive antitrust archival materials which are integral to legal research.
Discover antitrust materials with ease

Antitrust Law Section’s sought-after titles

“We’re excited to launch the new and expanded vLex subscription product, which will feature digital access to the Antitrust Law Section’s sought-after titles at highly attractive rates. This is another way in which the Section is innovating to deliver value to its members. We look forward to continuing our partnership with vLex, which makes it possible for more readers to access these valuable materials.”

Hartmut Schneider, Publications Officer at the ABA Section of Antitrust Law, and Partner at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP

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Link directly to US and international case law and legal documents, with enriched citation links across ABA antitrust materials.

Enriched with citations links
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Custom alerts for antitrust updates

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The Antitrust section and vLex have partnered to offer competitive pricing to individual, academic and enterprise users – with special member pricing for Antitrust section individual members. Sign in to the ABA Antitrust Law Section site and navigate to the section about vLex. From here you can sign-in to vLex, or select to learn more. Once signed in you will be directed to the ABA Antitrust collection on vLex, where you can buy these online if you're an individual Antitrust section member, or contact your local team for more information.

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Competitive pricing and special member pricing

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“If you want a complete antitrust library at reasonable cost, the ABA Antitrust Section subscription product powered by vLex is the perfect fit. General treatises, industry-specific handbooks, and deep analysis of timely issues, all written by teams of experts in the field, are easily accessible using vLex’s advanced searching technology. A terrific value.”

Stephen Stack, Partner at Dechert LLP

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ABA Antitrust Premium Digital Library

This extensive collection of competition and consumer protection content, covering essential areas such as monopolization, intellectual property, consumer protection, mergers and acquisitions, and more, is published by the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Law Section, the world’s leading antitrust and consumer protection professional membership group.

With the latest editions of more than 70 titles available, including the seminal Antitrust Law Developments, this collection is enriched and powered by vLex’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) contextual search tools and hyperlinks to relevant case law to allow researchers to seamlessly navigate between primary and secondary law with ease.

ABA Commercial Collection

This unique collection of secondary materials, from one of the world’s largest and most authoritative publishers, provides access to respected journals covering multiple practice areas and topics, including arbitration, litigation, intellectual property, international interests, tax and tax evidence, trust compliance issues, commercial drone law, corporation law, wealth, trusts and estates, and more. In this valuable collection, titles include the ABA Journal, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Litigation Journal, and The Tax Lawyer.

ABA General Collection

This unique collection of secondary materials, from one of the world’s largest and most authoritative publishers, covers a wide range of topics and practice areas, including corporate law, immigration, arbitration, data, information and media, criminal law, family law and litigation, human rights, credit rights, forensic science, civil rights litigation, international arbitration, international law, preparing witnesses, mental disabilities, criminal defense, adoption, employee rights, transgender persons and the law, and much more. Titles in this valuable collection include Family Law Litigation, Family Law Quarterly, International Arbitration, International Law, Privacy and Data Security, and many more.

vLex United States

vLex houses over 24 million US legal documents, including state and federal case law, statutes, regulations and legislation, administrative codes, specialist and federal court coverage, secondary resources, legal news, and commentary from top law firms, all on one platform. Coverage extends across all 50 states, with district and circuit court judgments available from the last 100 years. Access these authoritative legal materials alongside leading law journals, reviews, and collections from academic institutions and bar associations.

Available Content

ABA Antitrust product titles on vLex

ABA Antitrust Premium Titles

  • Antitrust Law Developments, Ninth Edition
  • Premerger Notification Practice Manual, Fifth Edition
  • Consumer Protection Law Developments, Second Edition
  • Competition Laws Outside the United States, Third Edition

ABA Antitrust Periodicals

  • Antitrust Law Journal
  • Antitrust Magazine
  • The Antitrust Source
  • Newsletters

ABA Antitrust Library

  • A Primer on the Law of Joint Purchasing
  • Advertising Claim Substantiation Handbook
  • Agriculture and Food Handbook
  • An Antitrust Guide for Trade Association Professionals and Members
  • Antitrust and Associations Handbook
  • Antitrust and Healthcare, 4th Edition
  • Antitrust Class Actions Handbook, Second Edition
  • Antitrust Compliance: Perspectives and Resources for Corporate Counselors, 2nd Edition
  • Antitrust Counterattack in Intellectual Property Litigation Handbook
  • Antitrust Discovery, Third Edition
  • Antitrust Evidence Handbook, Third Edition
  • Antitrust Handbook for Franchise and Distribution Practitioners
  • Antitrust Issues in International Intellectual Property Licensing Transactions
  • Antitrust Law and Economics of Product Distribution, 2nd Edition
  • Business Torts and Unfair Competition Handbook, Third Edition
  • Cartel Law Basics for Executives
  • Category Management
  • Competition as Public Policy
  • Criminal Antitrust Litigation Handbook
  • Data Security Handbook
  • DOJ Civil Antitrust Practice and Procedure Manual, Second Edition
  • Econometrics: Legal, Practical and Technical Issues, Second Edition
  • Energy Antitrust Handbook, Third Edition
  • Federal Antitrust Guidelines for Licensing of Intellectual Property: Origins and Applications, 3rd Edition
  • Franchise and Dealership Termination Handbook, 2nd Edition
  • Frequently Asked Antitrust Questions, Second Edition
  • FTC Practice and Procedure Manual, 2nd edition
  • Handbook on Antitrust Aspects of Standard Setting
  • Handbook on Antitrust in Technology Industries
  • Handbook on Scope of Antitrust
  • Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions Handbook, Second Edition
  • Indirect Purchaser Litigation Handbook, Second Edition
  • Insurance Antitrust Handbook, Third Edition
  • Intellectual Property and Antitrust Handbook, Second Edition
  • Intellectual Property Misuse: Licensing and Litigation, Second Edition
  • Interlocking Directorates Handbook
  • International Antitrust Cartel Handbook
  • International Investigations and Merger Reviews
  • Joint Ventures: Antitrust Analysis of Collaborations Among Competitors, Third Edition
  • Market Definition in Antitrust Theory and Case Studies
  • Market Power Handbook: Competition Law and Economic Foundations
  • Merger and Acquisitions: Understanding the Antitrust Issue, Fourth Edition
  • Merger Review Process 4th Edition
  • Model Jury Instructions in Civil Antitrust Cases 2016 Edition
  • Model Jury Instructions in Criminal Antitrust Cases
  • Monopolization and Dominance Handbook, Second Edition
  • Obtaining Discovery Abroad, Third Edition
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Antitrust Handbook, Second Edition
  • Premerger Coordination: The Emerging Law of Gun Jumping and Information Exchange
  • Price Discrimination Handbook
  • Primer on the Federal Price Discrimination Laws, Fourth Edition
  • Private Equity Antitrust Handbook
  • Proof of Conspiracy under Federal Antitrust Laws, Second Edition
  • Proving Antitrust Damages: Legal and Economic Issues, Third Edition
  • RICO State-by-State Practice Guide Second Edition
  • Sports and Antitrust Law
  • State Action Practice Manual, Third Edition
  • State Antitrust Enforcement Handbook, Third Edition
  • Telecom Antitrust Handbook, Third Edition
  • The Antitrust Compliance Handbook: A Practitioner's Guide
  • The Handbook of U.S. Antitrust Sources
  • The Noerr-Pennington Doctrine, Third Edition
  • Transportation Antitrust Handbook

ABA Antitrust Archive Library: Users can also access exclusive antitrust archival materials – enabling them to carry out more comprehensive legal research.

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