vLex extends Vincent AI’s capabilities with innovative case analysis feature

17 April 2023

London, United Kingdom. April 19, 2023. — vLex now offers access to a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered case analysis feature. Initially available across common law jurisdictions, this new update to Vincent AI uses complex large-scale language models to extract and present the key legal issue from judgments, and generate headnotes, for over 50 million court cases.

This new case analysis feature is an extension of Vincent AI’s capabilities, improving its existing key phrase and paragraph recognition abilities. The technology used to produce the summarised headnotes has been trained on vLex’s global legal data to help legal professionals understand a judgment at a glance, and subsequently interact with more documents to ensure no important information is missed. In particular, this adds significant value to vLex’s extensive collection of unreported cases, enhancing their visibility, accessibility, and use.

vLex prides itself in being a market leader when it comes to using AI to build the best tools possible to improve legal research for our users. This feature - and many more to come - demonstrates our commitment to that cause.”— Robin Chesterman, Global Head of Product, vLex.

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