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Canadian law dating back to 1876

Access over 370,000 full-text Canadian cases, including the Maritime Law Book, as well as legislation, law reports, books, journals, draft bills, news and legal commentary, all on one service.

An extensive collection of Canadian judgments

Dating back to 1876, the Canadian coverage available from vLex includes cases from the Supreme Court of Appeal and appellate courts of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. Updated daily, the vLex Canadian collection offers both unreported judgments and reported case law such as the Maritime Law Book, one of the most significant and comprehensive resources of Canadian case law available.

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  • Canadian Core
  • The Maritime Law Book
  • UK Core
  • US Core

Coverage overview


  • An extensive collection of Canadian judgments
  • Updated daily, covering reported and unreported cases
  • Case law from 1876, including the Maritime Law Book
  • Judgments sourced directly from Canadian courts
  • Relevant news and legal commentary
  • Indexed content from over 100 providers, both free and commercial*
  • Selection of blogs covering Canadian law

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  • International coverage of over 100 countries
  • Comprehensive UK coverage, including over 10,000 judgments not available from any other provider
  • News and legal commentary
  • Wide selection of books and journals
  • Instantly translate any document into multiple languages
  • Vincent AI, your virtual assistant for Canadian documents

Coverage information

Federal Courts

Supreme Court
Federal Court of Appeal
Federal Court
Tax Court


Court of Appeal
Court of Queen’s Bench
Provincial Court

The Northwest Territories

Court of Appeal 
Supreme Court
Territorial Court


Court of Appeal for Ontario
Superior Court of Justice
Ontario Court of Justice
Ontario Legislation
Ontario Regulations


Court of Appeal
Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
Provincial Court

New Brunswick

Court of Appeal
Court of Queen’s Bench
Provincial Court

Nova Scotia

Court of Appeal
Supreme Court
Provincial Court
Small Claims Court
Probate Court

Prince Edward Island

Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island

British Columbia

Court of Appeal 
Supreme Court 
Provincial Court 


Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador
Provincial Court of Newfoundland


Nunavut Court of Appeal
Nunavut Court of Justice


Court of Appeal
Court of Queen’s Bench
Provincial Court 


Court of Appeal 
Territorial Court 

Irwin Law Collection

The Irwin Law book collection brings an innovative approach to legal publishing that does more than outline the current state of the law. Containing over 300 books and journals, this collection analyses the complex issues of the day in a succinct and readable style, and in a manner that is probing and thoughtful. With a focus on Canadian law as well as some international topics, the Irwin law collection covers a wide range of practice areas. Contact us today for more information and a list of current titles.

Maritime Law Book

The Maritime Law Book contains over 300,000 cases from 1969 to 2016. It exists as one of the most significant and comprehensive resources of Canadian case law with headnotes available.

Included are the Alberta Reports, the British Columbia Appeal Cases, the British Columbia Trial Cases, the Federal Trial Reports, the Manitoba Reports, the New Brunswick Reports, the Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island Reports, the National Reporter, the Nova Scotia Reports (2d), the Ontario Appeal Cases, the Ontario Trial Cases, the Saskatchewan Reports, the Federal Trial Reports, and much more.