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vLex offers a wide range of titles and collections containing thousands of exclusive documents, with daily updates, all available on a single AI-powered legal research platform.

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vLex connects the world’s legal resources and brings together authoritative information from thousands of publishers and sources around the world to reduce the risk of important information being missed. With the world’s largest collections of legal information, covering over 100 countries, on a single service, vLex is the world’s leading legal information discovery service. 

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vLex has bought together thousands of data sources from around the world to offer its customers authoritative and up-to-date legal content. Today, vLex is the exclusive provider of Irwin Law books online. It is also the first service to receive Supreme Court cases from Ireland, and the only provider of Caribbean case law from CariLaw. vLex also houses some of the world’s largest collections of legal information, all on a single service.

  • The largest collection of UK superior court judgments
  • The largest collection of Irish judgments
  • The largest collection of Caribbean judgments
  • The largest collection of offshore judgments
  • The largest collection of common law judgments
  • The largest collection of legal information from Spain
  • The largest collection of legal information from Mexico
  • The largest collection of legal information from Latin America
  • The largest collection of official gazettes from Latin America
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All content products and collections are either known as Cores or Bolt-ons.

Core products contain primary law, such as court judgments and legislation, while Bolt-ons cover law reports, books and journals, along with other specialist material or content. Content contained in each core collection is listed on each of the jurisdiction pages. Bolt-on product information can be found below.

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