Docket Alarm Analytics

Looking at thousands of cases, Docket Alarm Analytics can tell you the likelihood of winning a case given a particular judge, technology area, law firm, or party.

Docket Alarm

Analytics Workbench

Build custom analytics in any court, on any issue.

Docket Alarm’s Analytics Workbench platform allows users to build customized litigation analytics in any jurisdiction: state, federal, or agency. Build reports that outline the average time to trial, motion success rate, and motion pendency rates.

Virtually any event on the docket sheet can be analyzed, measured, and graphed, in any court.

Analytics Workbench
Prebuilt analytics

Docket Alarm

Prebuilt analytics

In the PTAB and TTAB, each case is tagged with which side won. Looking at thousands of cases, Docket Alarm can tell you the likelihood of winning given a particular judge, technology area, law firm, or party. Gain a tactical advantage and make better client pitches today.

Docket Alarm

Leader in PTAB analytics

Docket Alarm organizes all PTAB cases, makes them full-text searchable, and provides analytics to help you predict outcomes in inter partes review and covered business method reviews.

Build judicial profiles on any judge

While you can profile judges, you can also generate reports on parties, firms, and technology areas, or group parties together to build industry profiles.

Visualize case status of any party or firm

See who settles the most, and at what stage of a PTAB proceeding they settle.

Rank and sort law firms in the PTAB

Rank firms, parties, and judges on a number of criteria. Filter by tech center and other facets.

How Docket Alarm is different

Docket Alarm is not just for patent cases, and it is not limited to analytics. It is a complete docket research platform.

  • Wide coverage

    Coverage is provided across federal courts, ITC, PTAB, TTAB, SCOTUS, trademarks, the Orange Book, and select state courts.

  • Real-time updates

    As dockets are checked so thoroughly and so often, many traders use Docket Alarm to play the stock market.

  • Enterprise grade search

    Full text searching is offered with natural language, boolean, terms, connectors, and advanced filters.

  • Platform design

    Docket Alarm is designed to be easy to use to ensure that customers can quickly find the information that they need.

  • IP litigation analytics

    Get comprehensive analytics in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

  • Analytics in state and federal courts

    Create custom analytics in state courts, federal courts, agencies, and any other court supported on Docket Alarm.

  • Export and embed analytics

    Export analytics as a PDF or in Excel. Embed live analytics directly on your website or blog, making them accessible to anyone.

  • API

    Build client portals, run complex statistical analysis, or bulk download millions of documents with Docket Alarm's API.