Meet Eunomia, vLex’s Legal Automation Software

As the first virtual assistant to be integrated with vLex and the Quolaw law firm manager, Eunomia set powerful new standards for legal professionals. Eunomia aids the planning and management of complex legal procedures, ensuring work is conducted in a practical, organised and streamlined manner to improve productivity and reduce the risk of procedural errors.

  • Create your own processes with Eunomia Studio (Beta)

    Our user-friendly platform allows Enterprise customers to build custom processes tailored to their unique needs. With Eunomia Studio, you have the flexibility and control to design workflows that align with your specific legal practice, ensuring work is conducted in a practical, organized and efficient manner.

  • Unlock a library of legal judicial processes with Eunomia Professional

    Our editorial team has already created a comprehensive collection of pre-built legal processes that are fully customizable to your needs. With Eunomia Professional, you have access to a wealth of expertise that can help you manage complex legal procedures with ease. The intelligent technology will guide you through different stages of proceedings, while seamlessly organising, standardising and enhancing the quality of your work.

    *Available in selected countries.

  • Certainty and security

    The powerful virtual paralegal can inform you of procedure deadlines, suggest necessary documentation to proceed with a case, and automatically put the next stages of the process in your diary to offer a level of certainty and security when applying the law.

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Eunomia is only currently available within Spain and select regions. Please get in touch with your local vLex office for more information on Eunomia.

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