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Complete coverage of EU law

Access complete coverage of legal material from the European Union, dating back to 1949, on a user-friendly service that supports translation into multiple languages.

Complete coverage

The vLex European Union Core collection contains legislative provisions, international agreements, the Official Journal C series, treaties, complementary legislation, preparatory acts and working documents, case law, national transposition measures, national case law, and parliamentary questions.

vLex’s Global Markets team has a long history of providing access to EU legal information to make it more accessible. Since becoming the first commercial database to partner with the European Commission in 1986, the team behind this collection sources documents directly from official sources, which is updated daily.

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Translation into multiple languages – expand your research and access new materials with vLex’s instant translation.

EU Core collection


Access complete and up-to-date EU coverage on an intuitive and easy-to-search platform. With comprehensive coverage dating back to 1950, the vLex EU Core Collection is an essential and authoritative collection of material available alongside the UK, Irish and other European and international material.

European Court of Human Rights


A collection of case law and legislation from the EU pertaining to human rights, which was launched just prior to the Human Rights Act 2002. This series contains the reports of all cases from the European Court of Human Rights going back to the court’s earliest judgment in 1960.

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  • Inter-American Court of Human Rights from 1982
  • International Court of Justice from 1947
  • WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center from 1990

Coverage information

Complete coverage of EU law from 1949
Directly collected the official sources
Selection of blogs covering EU law
Instantly translate any document into multiple languages
Consolidated acts
International agreements
Complementary legislation
Preparatory documents
National transposition measures
Case law
References to national case law
Parliamentary questions
Other documents published in the Official Journal C series