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This collection, which dates back to 1964, covers a wide range of practice areas from Malaysia’s many courts, and it is available alongside coverage from over 100 countries, all on one service.

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Utilise vLex’s award-winning legal research assistant to conduct comprehensive research at machine speed.

Vincent’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables researchers to upload a relevant document, whether it’s a case, a skeleton argument, or any other legal document. Vincent will then read the document, before returning a unique set of highly relevant search results in seconds, a process which would have otherwise taken hours to compile manually.

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vLex Southeast Asia Core

This collection contains legal information from across Southeast Asia, providing extensive coverage of Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This unique collection of content contains hundreds of thousands of cases from the respective countries’ superior, appellate and specialist courts. With over 400,000 legal documents, cases, and secondary materials, this collection is enriched with cross-jurisdictional links to coverage from around the world.

Common Law Books and Journals

The Common Law Books and Journals Collection provides access to an authoritative collection of vLex’s extensive common law secondary sources. The collection spans across multiple jurisdictions and contains titles from some of the world’s leading publishers, including Gale, Georgetown Law, Edinburgh University Press, WIPO, and many more.

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