vLex Justis Canada Core

Canadian case law, dating back to 1876, including the Supreme Court, the Federal Court of Appeal, and appellate courts from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

vLex Justis Canada Core

This collection contains over 240,000 cases, dating back to 1876, including federal and major provincial appellate courts. Updated daily, with over 300 Canadian higher court cases added each month.

  • Canadian case law

    -Supreme Court from 1876 onwards
    -Federal Court of Appeal from 1993 onwards
    -Alberta Court of Appeal from 1998 onwards
    -Alberta Superior Court from 1980 onwards
    -Alberta Provincial Court from 1998 onwards
    -British Columbia Court of Appeal from 1999 onwards
    -British Columbia Supreme Court from 1989 onwards
    -Ontario Court of Appeal from 2007 onwards
    -Saskatchewan Court of Appeal from 2004 onwards

  • Find the case you need

    Important Canadian case law can often be reported in different series and publications. Justis links together the different citations and versions of a case, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and without unnecessary duplication. Search for transcripts of cases published in: British Columbia Law Reports, Canadian Rights Reporter, Supreme Court Reports, All Canada Weekly Summaries, and many more.

  • Top Canadian law schools

    17 of the top 20 Canadian universities for law, as listed in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018, subscribe to vLex Justis.

  • Research quality

    View the most cited paragraph of a case, visually identify good law, and find important related cases with vLex Justis' advanced technology. Plus, refine your searches with the world’s largest legal taxonomy developed by the Justis team, which powers vLex Justis' category browser and offers more detailed searches than any other legal research platform.

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