vLex Justis EU Core

This collection contains EU legislative provisions, International Agreements, the Official Journal C series, Treaties, Complementary Legislation, Preparatory Acts and Working Documents, Jurisprudence, National Transposition Measures, National Case Law, and Parliamentary Questions.

vLex Justis EU Core

Our EU Core offers complete coverage of EU law and provides a user-friendly experience when searching and analysing EU content.

  • Complete coverage

    -EU legislative provisions
    -International Agreements
    -Official Journal C series
    -Treaties and Complementary Legislation
    -Preparatory Acts and Working Documents
    -National Transposition Measures
    -National Case Law
    -Parliamentary Questions

  • The first commercial database provider

    Since becoming the first commercial database provider to partner with the European Commission in 1986, vLex Justis has had a long history of providing EU legal information and working to make it more accessible to practitioners, academics and students.

  • Customise your EU search

    Customise the EU Advanced Search form with the search fields you use the most, and easily search for specific details of EU case law and documents in over 40 areas, such as the Title, Country of Origin, Keywords and Judge.

  • Access more cases, in one location

    View all EU content, side-by-side, with judgments, legislation and law reports from over 25 other jurisdictions, including the UK and Ireland.

  • The Human Rights collection

    The Human Rights collection contains comprehensive case law coverage of the European Court of Human Rights from 1960. This important collection is vital for anyone who practices Human Rights law.

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