vLex Justis UK Core

The vLex Justis UK Core collection is comprised of an archive and updated collection and includes both reported and unreported content. The archive is a unique collection of data which has been manually scanned and uploaded from hard copies independently sourced by vLex Justis. A selection of UK Add-on products are also available alongside the UK Core.

vLex Justis UK Core

The largest collection of UK superior court judgments online, including both reported and unreported content dating back further than any other provider. With daily updates this collection also contains over 10,000 UK judgments not available from any other provider.

  • Comprehensive case law

    -House of Lords / Supreme Court from 1852 onwards
    -Privy Council from 1999 onwards
    -Court of Appeal (Civil Division) from 1951 onwards
    -Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) from 1963 onwards
    -High Court from 1996 onwards
    -Northern Ireland and Jersey cases included

  • Legislation from 1235

    -Statutes from 1235 onwards
    -Statutory Instruments from 1671 onwards
    -Local & Private Acts from 1791 onwards

  • English Reports (Add-on product)

    Containing over 67,000 cases, the English Reports are the oldest collection of authoritative early law reports in publication, dating back to 1220. The series contains nominate reports from the Privy Council, High Court of Chancery, House of Lords, Court of the King’s Bench, Court of Exchequer Chamber, Crown Court and more. Available to purchase alongside any vLex Justis Core product.

  • State Trials (Add-on product)

    Over seven centuries of higher criminal jurisprudence covering English trials relating to offences against the State. This includes Cobbett’s State Trials and the New Series (Macdonell and Wallis), with additional material sourced from National Collections and the English (Nominate) Reports. The series features coverage between 1163 and 1858. Available to purchase alongside any vLex Justis Core product.

  • The Times Law Reports (Add-on product)

    All case reports published in The Times newspaper. The collection contains over 15,000 cases dating back to 1987. Over 800 cases are published each year and come from a wide range of jurisdictions, including the UK courts, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Available to purchase alongside any vLex Justis Core product.

  • CCH Tax Cases (Add-on product)

    Includes three of the leading dedicated tax law reports for the United Kingdom: British Tax Cases, British Value Added Tax Cases (1973 – present) and Special Commissioners’ Decisions (1995 – present). This series provides over 10,000 important tax cases dating back to 1875. Available to purchase alongside any vLex Justis Core product.

  • Commercial Law Cases (Add-on product)

    This series contains full law reports from the higher courts, chosen for their usefulness in advising commercial clients. It covers a broad range of commercial and company topics, including competition, intellectual property, banking and insurance law. This series provides important cases dating back to 1991.

  • Mental Health Law Reports (Add-on product)

    A comprehensive collection of cases relating to all aspects of mental health law, largely unreported elsewhere, dating back to 1999. This series includes important cases from the European Court of Human Rights, House of Lords, the Family Division and more.

  • Inquest Law Reports (Add-on product)

    A comprehensive collection of cases relating to all aspects of inquest law, largely unreported elsewhere, dating back to 2004.

  • Jersey Law Reports (Add-on product)

    An authoritative and definitive series of general law reports from Jersey, containing judgments from Jersey’s Royal Court and appellate courts. This series is coupled with a collection of unreported cases from Jersey and contains over 2,500 cases dating back to 1969.

  • Scottish cases (Add-on product)

    The Scottish Session Cases are available in addition to our UK Core. Produced by The Scottish Council of Law Reporting, the Session Cases are the most authoritative series of law reports in Scotland. Decisions are reported in full, and are checked and revised by presiding judges before publication. The Session Cases contain judgments from all of the key appellate decisions, civil and criminal, from the Court of Session and High Court of Judiciary in Scotland. vLex Justis also enables you to search for transcripts of cases published in the Scots Law Times, Greens Weekly Digest, Scottish Case Digest, Scots Law Times Lands Tribunal Reports and many more.

  • Immigration Appeal Reports (Add-on product)

    Dating back to 1972, the Immigration Appeal Reports contain over 2,400 authoritative and diverse cases concerning immigration law and covering the application of EU law in the higher English courts.

  • Indexed Content

    vLex Justis combines a full-text library with an index of content from all the major platforms, so you can locate a case with a single search across multiple databases. By indexing law reports, judgments and content from other jurisdictions, you can search with the peace of mind that you are reducing the inherent risk of missing a crucial legal authority available elsewhere.

  • Up-to-date UK case law

    Our UK content is updated daily, with over 100 UK cases added each month.

  • UK Parliament (Add-on product)

    With over 10 years of exclusive content, this collection is available in addition to our UK Core and encompasses an index to the proceedings and publications of the Houses of Parliament, and the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies, dating back to 1979. UK Parliament is currently only available on the Justis legacy platform.

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