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The largest collection of UK law online

The vLex UK collection contains full-text cases, including reported and unreported judgments, as well as legislative provisions, and much more. Dating back further than any other provider, this resource includes the largest collection of superior court judgments available online.

Over 5,000,000 legal documents from the UK

Containing both reported and unreported cases, vLex provides access to over 10,000 cases not available anywhere else. This authoritative collection of up-to-date information is updated daily, sourced from a wide range of legal sources, including UK court transcribers, and includes:

  • Legislation
  • Case Law
  • Administrative Materials
  • Books
  • Journals
  • Dockets
  • News
  • Blogs

Vincent AI for the UK

Utilise vLex’s award-winning legal research assistant to conduct comprehensive research at machine speed.

Vincent’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables researchers to upload a relevant document, whether it’s a case, a skeleton argument, or any other legal document. Vincent will then read the document, before returning a unique set of highly relevant search results in seconds, a process which would have otherwise taken hours to compile manually.

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Over 10,000 UK judgments not available elsewhere.

Recommended products

vLex United Kingdom Core

The largest collection of UK judgments available anywhere online, which is updated daily and contains both reported and unreported content. Containing over one million full-text cases, as well as legislation, dockets, books, journals, news, legal commentary, and court and tribunal forms, this collection’s case law dates back to 1163, and its full legislative history of the UK dating back to 1235. This unique collection of data is updated daily and was digitised and independently sourced from the Ministry of Justice, Royal Courts of Justice, Advocates Library, and even individual barristers.

vLex’s United Kingdom collection also includes UK Supreme Court and Court of Appeal dockets, Scottish judgments from a number of courts, including the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary, as well as thousands of cases from the courts of Northern Ireland, covering the Magistrates’ Court to the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland. Coverage for Northern Ireland extends from 1922 to 2009 for the House of Lords content, and from 2000 onwards for all other courts.

Jersey Law Reports

‬An authoritative and definitive series of general law reports from Jersey, containing judgments from Jersey’s Royal Court and appellate courts. This series is coupled with a collection of unreported cases from Jersey, dating back to 1969.

Mental Health Law Reports

‬A comprehensive collection of cases relating to all aspects of mental health law, largely unreported elsewhere, dating back to 1999. This series provides coverage of essential cases from the European Court of Human Rights, the House of Lords, the Family Division, and many more.

CCH Tax Cases

This series includes three of the leading dedicated tax law reports for the United Kingdom: British Tax Cases, British Value Added Tax Cases, and Special Commissioners’ Decisions, dating back to 1875.

English Reports

The English Reports are the oldest collection of authoritative early law reports in publication, dating back to 1220. The series contains nominated reports from the Privy Council, High Court of Chancery, House of Lords, Court of the King’s Bench, Court of Exchequer Chamber, Crown Court, and more.

The Times Law Reports

Access all case reports published in The Times newspaper, dating back to 1987. Over 800 additional cases are published each year and come from a wide range of jurisdictions, including the UK courts, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

UK Higher Court Dockets

Updated daily, the UK dockets collection on vLex includes High Court dockets that date back to 2010, as well as Supreme Court and Court of Appeal dockets from 2019 onwards. For the first time, this growing collection of over 200,000 UK dockets can be accessed in one location. This enables researchers to locate information faster, reduces the risk of important documents being missed and helps researchers gain a more comprehensive understanding of current and previous matters.UK dockets on vLex are available for ongoing access, so researchers no longer need to pay per session, or work to timed access restrictions as they would with traditional docket services. Larger organisations can also benefit from multi-user access to significantly reduce the time it takes for different team members to search and retrieve documents.

Family Court Reports

Access a comprehensive collection of reported cases relating to family law, dating from 1987 to present. This collection was relaunched in 2018 and is published by Bloomsbury.

Commercial Law Cases

This series contains full law reports from the higher courts, chosen for their usefulness in advising commercial clients. It covers a broad range of commercial and company topics, including competition, intellectual property, banking, and insurance law. This series provides access to important cases dating back to 1991.

State Trials

Access over seven centuries of higher criminal jurisprudence covering English trials relating to offences against the state. This includes Cobbett’s State Trials and the New Series (Macdonell and Wallis), with additional material sourced from the National Collections and the English (Nominate) Reports. The series features coverage dating back to 1163.

Inquest Law Reports

A comprehensive collection of cases relating to all aspects of inquest law, dating back to 2004. This collection is largely unreported elsewhere and a valuable resource to anyone interested in inquest law.

Immigration Appeal Reports

Dating back to 1972, the Immigration Appeal Reports contain thousands of authoritative and diverse cases concerning immigration law and covering the application of EU law in the higher English courts.

Scottish Session Cases Service and Archive

The Session Cases takes precedence over all other case law series in Scotland. With coverage starting in 1821, the current series of Session Cases offers all decisions reported in full, checked and revised by presiding judges before publication, from all the key appellate decisions, civil and criminal, from the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary in Scotland.

In addition, selected cases decided at first instance and all decisions on Scottish appeals to the Privy Council, the House of Lords and the Supreme Court are included. The database also includes Fraser’s Court of Session Cases from 1898 to 1905, and Rettie’s Session Cases from 1873 to 1897, Macpherson’s from 1862 to 1872, Dunlop’s from 1838 to 1861, and Shaw’s from 1821 to 1837.

Additional products

ICLR products on vLex are only available to customers across Caribbean and African regions. Please contact your local office for more information.

ICLR Law Reports Collection

The Law Reports is an authoritative series of published cases which constitute binding precedent in English Law. The collection incorporates all earlier divisions of The Law Reports as well as the four modern divisions – the Court of Appeal, Chancery, Family and Queen’s Bench Divisions. The Law Reports are written by barristers and solicitors who are present in court for the hearing of the argument and the handing down of judgment.

ICLR Industrial Cases Reports

The Industrial Cases Reports database dates back to the inauguration of the National Industrial Relations Court in 1972, and is published by The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.

ICLR Public and Third Sector Law Reports

Launched in 2009, the Public and Third Sector Law Reports (PTSR) were specially designed to meet the needs of charity, social enterprise and local government lawyers and all those involved in the provision of public and community services. The reports offer essential coverage of cases in key areas relating to the exercise of public duties and functions, public benefit, and issues of public accountability. 

ICLR The Weekly Law Reports

The Weekly Law Reports covers more cases in more courts than many other series of law reports. They are recorded by the largest number of reporters who are actually present in court, and are reported faster than any other series.

ICLR Business Law Reports

Launched in 2007 specifically to meet the needs of chancery and commercial lawyers and those working within the business community, the Business Law Reports focus on key areas that include Arbitration, Company law, Financial Services, Insolvency, Intellectual Property, Mercantile and Shipping law. 

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