Consultation On Tribunal Fees Published

The Government is seeking views on two different options for charging fees in the employment tribunal. In both options, the fee varies depending on the complexity of the case, and the tribunal would have the power to order an unsuccessful party to refund the fees to the other side. There would be a system of remission of fees for those who are unable to pay.

Option 1 proposes two charging points for fees: on issue of a claim (£150, £200 or £250); and before a hearing (£250, £1,000 or £1,250). In option 2, the only charging point is on issue of a claim, and the fee depends not only on the complexity of the case, but also on whether the employee is seeking compensation above or below £30,000. For claims where the employee is seeking up to £29,999 in compensation, the fee ranges from £200 to £600. The employee would not be allowed to...

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