Government Measures To Increase Salaries

Published date11 April 2022
Subject MatterEmployment and HR, Employee Benefits & Compensation
Law FirmEurofast
AuthorMs Andrea Peulic

-Obligation of a paid hot meal to all employees-

As the Government is continuously taking actions to improve employee benefits packages and prevent a potential outflow of workers starting from 22.02.2022, all employers in the Republic of Srpska are, legally, obliged to pay workers a compensation, in cash, for the cost of a hot meal, if there are no meals provided.

The amount of hot meal determined by the Decision of the Government of Republika Srpska on determining the increased salary, the amount of income based on work and the amount of assistance to workers ('Official Gazette of Republika Srpska' No. 53/16 and 12/22) consist 0.75% of the average gross salary for the previous year and for every working day. Therefore, as of 22.2.2022 workers are entitled to a hot meal in the gross amount of 11.60 KM or 8.00 KM in net amount, for each working day. For example, if a worker has 22 working days during the month, the minimum amount one can receive for a hot meal is 176.00 KM/90 EUR (22 x 8.00 KM/4.00 EUR).

According to the...

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