Speedy Justice For Motorists

The Government has announced that it proposes to send half a million road traffic cases each year to a separate fast-track criminal court.

This unprecedented proposal could drastically change the landscape for how motorists are dealt with before the criminal courts.

What is the reason behind this proposal?

Policing and Justice Minister, Damien Green, intends to deal with the shocking delays in the criminal courts.

He has condemned a system which is plagued by unnecessary adjournments, time-wasting and paper rather than digital files.

'It is unacceptable that only 44 per cent of trials go ahead on the day they have been listed. If every day only 44 per cent of trains left the stations, or 44 per cent of planned hospital operations took place there would be a national uproar. Yet every day this happens in the Magistrates' Courts."

In a radical shake up he believes that by fast-tracking road traffic cases, it will free up Court time meaning that serious offences can be dealt with more expeditiously.

So what are the proposals?

The idea is to have a separate fast-track court for road traffic cases where Defendants can be dealt with in their absence.

Whilst the type of cases to be dealt with in the fast-track court has not been specified, it is anticipated that it will be designed to deal with minor road traffic offences such as driving without due care and attention.

More serious offences, such as those related to a fatality, are likely to be dealt with in the same way as they are at present.

In seeking to reduce delays, there is the suggestion that...

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