Labor and Employment Issues Facing the Healthcare Industry

Published date12 July 2019
Subject MatterWARN Act,#MeToo,White-Collar Exemptions,Sexual Harassment,State and Local Government,NLRB,Rest and Meal Break,False Claims Act (FCA),Employer Liability Issues,FLSA,Healthcare Workers,Section 7,State Labor Laws,Home Health Care,NLRA,Whistleblowers,Employment Litigation,Workplace Safety,Employment Discrimination,Wage and Hour,Unions,Labor Relations,Labor Regulations,Over-Time,Hiring & Firing,Antitrust Provisions
AuthorBruce R. Millman,Sherry Travers,Angelo Spinola,David Goldstein,Melissa McDonagh,Meredith Shoop,Robert Wolff,Frederick Miner,Craig Brown,C. Eric Stevens,Jessica Brown,Ryan Freeman,Michelle Gomez,Francis Bingham,Bradford Hammock,McKinley Anderson,Jessica Bieszczak,Christian McFarland,Emily Mertes,James Smith
Law FirmLittler

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