Lerners' Appeals Netletter Video Companion - June 2014

Appellate lawyer, Brian Radnoff provides a summary of Lerners' Top 5 Ontario civil appeals decisions from May, 2014. (1) Rajmohan v. Norman H. Solmon Family Trust, 2014 ONCA 352 - A decision involving solicitor's negligence required the Ontario Court of Appeal to consider two issues relevant to limitations - (i) the doctrine of "fraudulent concealment" and (ii) the doctrine of "special circumstances." (2) Mandeville v. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, 2014 ONCA 417 - A decision by a trial judge dismissing class members' claim on the basis that Manulife did not owe them a duty of care required the Ontario Court of Appeal to consider whether a company owed a of duty of care to its policyholders in connection with a legitimate transaction. (3) Virc v. Blair, 2014 ONCA 392 - Arising out of a motion for summary judgment under Rule 16 of the Family Law Rules, the Ontario Court of Appeal considered whether Rule 16 (unlike its Rule 20 of the Rules of Civil Procedure) precludes the motions judge from assessing credibility, weighing evidence, or drawing factual conclusions. (4) Bulut v. Carter, 2014 ONCA 424 -- A decision by a trial judge's dismissal of the action against the Carter family, required...

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