Looking Ahead - The Danish Competition Council Publishes Its Enforcement Priorities For 2022

Published date26 July 2022
Subject Matternti-trust/Competition Law, Antitrust, EU Competition
Law FirmBird & Bird
AuthorMr Morten Nissen, Alexander Br'chner and Nanna Krabbe

The Danish Competition Council ("DCC") recently released its annual report, which includes a brief overview of its statistics for 2021, as well as an outlook to the DCC's coming initiatives and focus areas for 2022. This article provides a summary of the most relevant topics from a business perspective.

Focus areas for 2022

As with several other national competition authorities and the European Commission, the Danish competition authority has the digital economy and sustainability as the two primary areas of focus in 2022.

The digital economy will remain an enforcement priority for the DCC, which is particularly noticeable from the establishment of a new unit focused on tech. Whilst the DCC acknowledges the possibilities created by the advent of new technologies, the DCC remains aware of the challenges of maintaining effective competition in the digital markets. In the annual report the DCC states that it will in particular focus on preventing abuse of dominant positions by large digital platforms, as well as algorithmic collusion.

Moreover, the newly established unit for tech will be responsible for the recently introduced platform-to-business regulation, which can be expected receive great attention this year.

In relation to sustainability and climate change mitigation, the DCC notes that the importance of being climate friendly is an important parameter of competition for Danish companies, and that increased competition in delivering sustainable solutions will contribute to mitigating climate change. Specifically, the DCC has already initiated an analysis of the market for charging of electric cars, which can be expected to be an area of focus during 2022.


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