Media Metrics - The State Of UK Media And Entertainment 2017


Welcome to the 2017 edition of Media Metrics, Deloitte's annual definitive review outlining the scale and dynamics of the UK media and entertainment sector. This exciting and creative sector is now £96 billion in size, a £10 billion increase on 2016.

Our index ranks the top 100 companies in the UK media and entertainment sector, with the largest company by revenue, Liberty Global plc generating £14.8 billion, and the 100th largest £82 million. Our index also ranks the top 100 companies by revenue growth, by profit, and by profit growth. Through these top and bottom line business metrics, the dynamism in this growing industry can be described and examined.

The review covers business to business, as well as business to consumer companies, within which are the following sub-sectors (listed in order of revenue size, highest to lowest): TV Production and Distribution; Advertising; Information Publishing and Events; News Publishing; Film Production and Distribution; Video Gaming; Magazine Publishing; Book Publishing; Music Publishing and Distribution; and Social Media. Some of the companies in this report generate all their revenues from the media sector; others have diversified into other areas.

In this report, as well as looking at the revenue and profitability of the 100 largest media and entertainment companies, we also look at some of the core emerging themes that are likely to affect the performance of the industry, including:

Special FX. Foreign exchange and its impact on interpreting business metrics for the UK's largest media and entertainment companies, given the global nature of the creative sector. Large as live. The rising importance of in-person events and live content, despite the rising capability of digital alternatives. We look at the financial performance of live across: trade events, TV and radio, music and cinema. We also look at the array of live content via on-demand platforms. Join the subs club. The value of subscription for content businesses. The ad-funded online model remains alluring - for its potential...

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