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New Visas And Immigration Changes Introduced In Fall 2022

Published date10 August 2022
Subject MatterImmigration, General Immigration, Work Visas
Law FirmEnvoy Global, Inc.
AuthorMr Jessie Butchley

Key Points

  • Colombia will increase government processing times for visas and work permits effective 22 October 2022 and introduce new visa types


The government of Colombia introduced several new visa types and changes to its immigration laws that will be implemented on 22 October 2022. ?Under these changes, the government will introduce a new remote work visa and increase processing times of work permits and visas.?According to the announcement, the visa application processing time will increase from 5-10 business days to around 30 business days. The issuance of the e-visa will increase from three business days to 10 business days.

The government will also introduce the Internationalization Promotion Visa, which will be open to foreign nationals holding a graduate degree in basic or applied sciences, engineering, mathematics, or other related fields. This category will permit a maximum validity...

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