Parental Leave In Denmark: What's Changing?

Published date25 August 2022
Subject MatterEmployment and HR, Employee Benefits & Compensation, Employee Rights/ Labour Relations
Law Firmlus Laboris
AuthorSara Baldus (Norrbom Vinding)

Denmark has implemented the European Work-Life Balance Directive on time, with new rules on childbirth-related leave taking effect from 2 August 2022.

The new Danish childbirth-related leave model applies entered into force on 2 August 2022.

The new leave model does not change the number of weeks of maternity/paternity/parental benefits to which parents are entitled, but includes significant changes in the distribution of the weeks with the aim that both parents must take part of the leave.

The starting point is that each parent is entitled to 24 weeks, of which 13 weeks can be transferred from one parent to the other. The model is more complex than the previous rules, so we have created...

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