Temporary Changes For The Fast-Track And Pay-Limit Scheme

Published date26 July 2022
Subject MatterEmployment and HR, Employee Benefits & Compensation
Law FirmEnvoy Global, Inc.
AuthorMr Jessie Butchley

Key Points

  • Denmark will introduce temporary changes to salary requirements and employment ratios beginning 1 December 2022?
  • The temporary measures will end if unemployment levels rise to 3.75 percent, or 15,000 foreign nationals are recruited under these schemes


The government of Denmark introduced temporary changes to its international recruitment strategy for foreign nationals under the Fast-Track scheme and the Pay-Limit scheme. Effective 1 December 2022, the new gross minimum salary requirements will be reduced from DKK 448,000 to DKK 375,000 for both schemes. These temporary measures will remain valid for a period of three years.

In addition, the government will reduce employment ratios from 20 Danish employees to 10 Danish employees per foreign national.

The government will not issue new residence permits under this strategy if the gross unemployment rate in the country exceeds 3.75 percent, or more than 15,000 foreign nationals obtain a residence permit under either of these two...

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