Thames Water Digs In On Super Sewer

Today's entry reports on the results of the second round of consultation on the Thames Tunnel.

The Thames Tunnel is a proposed waste water transfer project that would involve the construction of a tunnel beneath the River Thames to catch sewage overflows before they go into the river after heavy rain. As well as the main tunnel, the proposal would involve works at 25 sites at the surface along the banks of the river, several of which have been controversial. It is an unusual project in legal terms in that it is proposed to come under the Planning Act regime but doesn't yet. There is some news on that too, see below.

Consultation results

Thames Water has conducted two rounds of consultation so far, and today it has released a report on the second round of consultation. The report is here. In summary, it is not proposing to change the locations of any of the surface sites as a result but is considering changes to four of them, and will undertake a further round of consultation at just those locations. This will run between 6 June and 4 July. More minor changes are proposed at all but one of the other sites, without any targeted consultation being undertaken. Only then will a formal round of pre-application consultation under the Planning Act take place, before the application is finally made, probably towards the end of the year now.

Here is a list of the surface sites with the number of reponses that was received in relation to each one. The four with an asterisk are those where further consultation on changes will be undertaken; no changes are proposed at Beckton Sewage Treatment Works and Jews Row is confirmed as being removed from the project.

  1. Carnwath Road Riverside (3138) 2. King Edward Memorial Park (1519) 3. Chambers Wharf (639) 4. *Barn Elms (387) 5. Deptford Church Street (217) 6. *Putney Bridge Foreshore (171) 7. Greenwich Pumping Station (44) 8= Cremorne Wharf Depot (42) 8= Chelsea Embankment Foreshore (42) 10. King George's Park (40) 11= Acton Storm Tanks (37) 11= Shad Thames Pumping Station (37) 13. Hammersmith Pumping Station (36) 14. Kirtling Street (35) 15. Abbey Mills Pumping Station (29) 16= *Albert Embankment Foreshore (27) 16= Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore (27) 18= Falconbrook Pumping Station (22) 18= *Victoria Embankment Foreshore (22) 20. Heathwall Pumping Station (20) 21. Dormay Street (19) 22. Earl Pumping Station (18) 23. Bekesbourne Street (12) 24. -Beckton Sewage Treatment Works (9) 25. xJews Row (7) The apparent...

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