The Vital Role Of Grandparents In Times Of Family Conflict And Transition

Published date25 January 2024
Subject MatterFamily and Matrimonial, Family Law, Divorce, Wills/ Intestacy/ Estate Planning
Law FirmWithers LLP
AuthorMs Philippa Hewitt and Billy Ko

In Asian family culture, where traditions and familial bonds are deeply cherished, the Chinese New Year symbolizes family unity. Amidst these celebrations, the role of grandparents, especially in times of hardship such as divorce, is crucial in maintaining familial harmony.

Grandparents, revered as sources of wisdom and stability, play a vital role in preserving the family's balance. Their roles become significantly more important during times of change, as they provide emotional support and continuity for the younger generations.

This article will explore the vital role of grandparents in supporting children through divorce.

Emotional anchors in turbulent times

The emotional impact of divorce on children can be profound. They often experience a range of emotions, including sadness, confusion, and anger. Grandparents can be invaluable emotional anchors during these times. Their presence offers comfort and a safe space for grandchildren to express their feelings openly. Unlike parents, who are directly involved in the divorce, grandparents can provide a more neutral ground where children can find solace and understanding.

Continuity, stability and perspective

Divorce can disrupt a child's sense of normalcy and security. Grandparents can offer continuity amidst this disruption. By maintaining routines, such as weekend visits or holiday traditions, they help grandchildren feel that not everything in their life is changing. This sense of stability is crucial for children's emotional well-being.

With their life experience, grandparents can offer a unique perspective and wisdom. They can help children understand that while the family dynamic is changing, the love and bonds within the family endure. Grandparents can share their own experiences of overcoming difficulties, providing children with hope and resilience during challenging times.

A buffer against parental conflict

The unconditional love of a grandparent is a powerful force in a child's life. This love becomes even more significant during a divorce. Grandparents can reassure children that they are loved and valued, countering any feelings of blame or insecurity they might be experiencing due to the divorce.

Grandparents can act as a buffer, providing a peaceful and neutral environment away from any parental conflict and discord. Their homes can be a haven where normalcy prevails, and children can escape the tensions often present in a household undergoing divorce.

Role models of positive relationships


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